Yearbook 2020 – Wednesday Winter League 2019/20

Yearbook - 2020

Wednesday Winter League 2019 - 2020

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Wednesday Winter League Winner 2019-2020 Joe Ball receives the coveted trophy form Charlie Paul

Clubhouse dining facilities and bar closed until futher notice due to the Covid 19 virus.

In view of government advice to avoid social events, we have decided to cancel the prizegiving which was to take place on Wednesday 25th March.

We hope to arrange a prizegiving, when safe to do so, at some later date. Sweep winnings will be retained until the re-arranged prizegiving.

FirstLastClub H'CapNew H'CapNew H'CapNew H'CapNew H'CapNew H'CapNew H'CapNew H'CapNew H'Cap23/Oct30/Oct6/Nov13/Nov20/Nov27/Nov4/Dec11/Dec18/Dec25/Dec1/Jan8/Jan15/Jan22/Jan29/Jan5/Feb12/Feb19/Feb26/Feb4/Mar11/Mar18/Mar25/MarBest 6
1Joe Ball191819181716152703040030025310003527030035363833320217
9Kenny Gilmour1514132703434000028000000310000000154

Winnings 2019 - 2020

FirstLast23/Oct30/Oct6/Nov13/Nov20/Nov27/Nov4/Dec11/Dec18/Dec25/Dec1/Jan8/Jan15/Jan22/Jan29/Jan5/Feb12/Feb19/Feb26/Feb4/Mar11/Mar18/Mar25/MarWinnings £
1Joe Ball0003000000003001022203016
10Kenny Gilmour001000000000000300000004

2019/2020 Rules

We start the Wednesday league on Wednesday 23 October 2019 and will play from first light, around 08:15 onwards.

Gimme putts are allowed as long as they are no longer than the metal part of a standard putter. If in doubt putts should be measured against a normal putter.

Mats may be used if your ball lies in the semi rough or on the fairway.
Please remember that if you choose to lift your ball and place it in the semi rough to play it, you must take it to the nearest side from where it lies. If you opt to take the ball from the fairway to the rough you must play the ball off the grass and cannot place it on a mat.

We play singles stableford off of your normal full handicap on week one and handicaps will be subject to revision depending on scoring each week.

We play off yellow tees, as marked by the normal yellow painted wooden markers, some of which will be on the new yellow tee areas created this year to provide a shortened course.

Winter Rule for Ball lost towards wet, soft or muddy fairway or semi rough.

If your ball has is lost and it is known or virtually certain that your ball came to rest on the fairway or in the semi rough, in an area which is wet, muddy or soft, you may take a free drop at the nearest point of relief from the spot where you and your playing partners agree that the ball was lost.

The rule relies on your playing partners knowing or being virtually certain that your ball landed on the fairway or semi rough, but you do not have to see the ball land which would cover those balls stuck over the horizon on a blind hole.

We must rely on playing partners to ensure that the new rule is applied fairly and is not abused, so playing partners should do their best to spot other players shots to allow them to make a fair assessment of the landing area of the shot. The new rule will apply to both the Saturday and the Wednesday winter leagues.

Handicap adjustments will be made using a buffer zone.
If you score 33 or more stableford points – handicap cut by 1 shot

If you score between 26 to 32 stableford points – you have scored in the buffer Zone – no change to handicap

If you score less than 26 stableford points – Handicap increased by 1 shot.(Max 2 shots over actual club handicap per annum).

Weekly sweepstake will only be paid out if 4 or more players play. Winners must complete the full 16 holes. Incomplete rounds do not count for handicap adjustments.

No 3/4 handicap reduction when winter greens in operation. Players play off full or revised handicap in all situations.

Players should make up their 4 ball games as and when they arrive on the day. The last game must ensure that all players are accommodated and no one is left behind.

As in previous years, we will play only 16 holes, cutting out the 10th and 11th holes. The 18 hole and 9 hole courses will remain open throughout the winter so no need to play a composite course this year.

If 18 hole course is closed and we must play twice around 9 hole course – Play 16 holes off full or revised handicap by playing the 1st,2nd,3rd,4th,5th,6th,7th,8th, then cut over onto the 2nd,3rd,4th,5th,6th,7th,8th,9th.

The cost to enter the league is £10 per head payable to Charlie Paul on or soon after 23 October which will used for a weekly prize fund which will pay out £3 for Best Stableford score, £2 second best stableford score, £1 for third best stableford score.    The weekly sweep winnings, will be paid out at a prizegiving lunch sometime in March and any remaining funds will be used toward the lunch.

The ongoing Prize list and results will be collated and published each week on the results section of the club website

Players have around 21 weeks from Wednesday 23 October 2019 to Wednesday 25 March 2020 to accumulate their best 6 stableford scores.