Yearbook 2009 – Greenock Mixed Open Greensome Winners

Yearbook - 2009

Greenock Mixed Open Greensome Winners

Pictured left to right, Helen Armstrong, Vice Captain Charlie Paul and Jim Logue.

Helen and Jim won the mixed open greensome convincingly with a net 65, 3 shots better than their nearest rivals.

Pictured from left to right, Dorothy Fisher, Vice Captain Charlie Paul and Andy Brands.

Andy and Dorothy scored a gross 80 in very difficult conditions to win the scratch prize by one shot.

2'sDuncan Maitland, Janice Avis£5 each
Henry Bradley, Felicity Bryant£5 each
Brian & Margie Thomson£5 each
Andy Brands, Dorothy Fisher£5 each
Nearest Pin 3rdJim Logue25"
Nearest Pin 10thJanice Avis400"
Nearest Pin 13thRoss Ballantyne196"
Nearest Pin 16thAndy Brands12"
5th Best NetWilliam Ferguson, Doreen FergusonBlairmore & Strone8313.569.5£5 each
4th Best NetJohn McGovern, Liz McConnachieGreenock851669£10 each
3rd Best NetDuncan Maitland, Janice AvisGreenock831568£15 each
2nd Best NetBrian Thomson, Margie ThomsonCardross841668£20 each
Best ScratchAndy Brands, Dorothy Fisher8080£25 each
Best Net & TrophyJim Logue, Helen Armstrong801565£40 each