Dress Code

Golf Course Dress Code

Golf course dress code

Greenock Golf Club has a relaxed dress code, but we do ask golfers to dress appropriately for the sport by wearing only recognised golfing clothing. Clothing designed to be worn for sports and pastimes other than golf, such as football, athletics and beach wear are not permitted.

Forbearance will be shown to occasional visiting parties such as cruise ship passengers who have not carried the appropriate clothing on their trip.


Only recognised golf shirts must be worn. ‘New style’ turtle / polo neck golf shirts are acceptable and there is no requirement to have shirts tucked in on the course. Football tops, round neck tee shirts, collarless and/or sleeveless shirts or T-shirts are not considered acceptable except those semi sleeveless shirts routinely worn by ladies.


Shorts must be tailored and no shorter than a few inches above the knee. Sports shorts and beach shorts are not permitted. Ladies may wear recognised three quarter length golfing trousers.


Track-suit bottoms or jogging bottoms are not permitted on the course or in the club house. Traditional blue denim jeans are not permitted on the course but they may be worn within the clubhouse any day after 7pm.


Very short socks designed for use with golf shoes are permissible.


Recognised golf shoes are preferred for personal safety however training shoes are permissible for occasional use by visitors and juniors starting out in the game.

Clubhouse dress code

  • Hats must be removed before entering the clubhouse.
  • No outdoor wear such as waterproof trousers, jackets, windcheaters etc are allowed in the main lounge or dining room.
  • Golf shoes must not be worn within the clubhouse except the foyer and locker room. No golf shoes of any description to be taken into shower room.
  • Shoes with metal spikes must not be worn in the toilet areas.
  • Shirts should be tucked in whilst within the Lounge and Dining Room.
  • With the exception of formal functions where the dress code will be advised, the clubhouse dress code will be relaxed after 7pm on Fri, Sat & Sun. During these relaxed periods patrons are still expected to be smartly dressed.

Dress Code Review – 6 Aug 2009

Denim jeans now permitted to be worn in the clubhouse any day after 7pm. Members to be aware however that the club expects members and guests to maintain a smart casual appearance at these times and under no circumstances should dirty working jeans be worn in the clubhouse.