• Ryder Cup Masters 2021

On Ryder Cup Sunday, 26 September 2021, In the spirit of Ryder Cup Matchplay, we hosted a team competition for 7 teams of 12 players on the 18 hole course at Greenock. The weather was fine and windy and the members enjoyed a great day of competition prior to the final Ryder Cup singles clashes on TV.




Prize List

Prize List 2021
Individual Prizes   Scores Prize
Nearest Pin in 2 @ 1st Kenan Ingram - In Hole   3 Titleist Tour Soft
Nearest Pin in 2 @ 2nd Al Livingstone   3 Titleist Tour Soft
Nearest Pin 3rd Chris Connelly   Bottle of Whisky
(donated by Kenny Gilmour)
Nearest Pin in 2 @ 6th Ian Doak   3 Titleist Tour Soft
Nearest Pin 7th Louis Alberts   3 Titleist Tour Soft
Nearest Pin 10th Duncan Maitland   3 Titleist Tour Soft
Nearest Pin 13th Larry Deveney   3 Titleist Tour Soft
Nearest Line 15th Jim McNeil   3 Titleist Tour Soft
Nearest Pin 16th Paul McFarlane   Bottle of Brandy
(donated by Kenny Gilmour)
Nearest Pin in 2 @ 18th Charlie Paul   3 Titleist Tour Soft
Worst Doubles Score Craig Oswald/Stephen McDaid 22 Lucozade & Tees
Best Doubles Score Paul McFarlane/David Dougans 41(Bih) 6 Taylormades each
(Donated by D J McKirdy)
Team Prizes Team Score Scores Prize

Worst Team Score
Rest of the World 190 Wooden Spoon
6th Place Youngs Youngsters 201 Nil
5th Place Saturday Niners 207 Nil
4th Place Winter League of Extraordinary Gentlemen & Eejits 210 Nil
3rd Place Leg Ends of the Lounge 212 Nil
2nd Place The Winter League 219 Nil
1st Place
Best Team Score
Winter League Dream Team 221 Trophy and 3 Titleist Tour Soft  Balls each



Saturday Niners & Early Birds James's Team Young's Youngsters The Winter League Leg-Ends of the Lounge Winter League of Extraordinary Gentlemen & Eejits Rest of the World
Gordon Parker James Glover Raymond Barr Steven Lapsley Graham Knox DJ McKirdy Craig Scott
  Pts   Pts   Pts   Pts   Pts   Pts   Pts
Charlie Paul 32 James Glover 39 Ian McDermid 40 Steven Lapsley 37 Graham Knox 37 Billy Dixon 28 Richy Pickett 34
Sandie MacLean Adam brown James Morrison Alistair Roy Euan Knox Andy Gunn John Tolan
Fraser Gray 37 Ian Doak 37 Gerry Donnachie 35 Chris McAulay 37 Jamie Gallacher 35 DJ McKirdy 31 Dennis McKelvie 34
Duncan Maitland Davy Robertson Tom McShane Kenan Ingram Brian Stevenson Sat Patel Andrew Oswald
Stevie Orr 37 Jim Flleming 38 Jim McNeil 32 Paul McFarlane 41 Steven Mullen 34 Chris Connolly 40 Craig Oswald 22
Alistair Livingstone Derek Leitch Raymond Barr Davie Dougans David Bruce Larry Deveney Stephen McDaid
Mike McCartney 32 Robert Johnstone 39 Alan Young 33 Barry O'Donnell 33 Alan Moore 27 Craig Brown 36 Callum Robb 33
Gordon Parker David Docherty Jim Kerr Mick Heron John McDougall Gordon Cameron Alexander Crear
Louis Alberts 39 Mick Bonnar 34 George Docherty 31 Martin Jess 34 Robert Mitchell 41 Frank McCormick 35 Dugald Carmichael 31
Kenny Gilmour Shaun Bonnar Jim Fulton Jim Maxwell David McQuat Stevie McDowal Michael O'Neill
Owen Gallagher 30 Duncan McEwan 34 Donny Livingston 30 Alex Roy 37 Alistair Campbell 38 Iain Jones 40 Craig Scott 36
Hugh Lyden Hugh McGarrigle Scott Young Pat Tinney Paul Power Stuart Alexander Kevin Murphy
Team Total 207 Team Total 221 Team Total 201 Team Total 219 Team Total 212 Team Total 210 Team Total 190