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Greenock Golf Course has ride on golf buggies for hire betweem 1 May and 31 Oct each year. Please book early to avoid disappointment. Block bookings available for visiting parties. Visitors £20 Per Round, Members £14 Per Round

Electric Motocaddy

Electric motocaddy carts are available at a hire cost of £7 per round

Pull Trolleys

£3 per round


We carry out the full range of golf club and equipment repairs.

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Buggies - Frequently Asked Question

Q.         Is it true that buggies may only be used in competitions with the permission of the committee? 

A.         No. The Rules of Golf do not restrict the use of golf-carts/buggies (i.e. ride-on motorised vehicles) in any competition. The use of golf buggies is always permitted unless their use is specifically prohibited in the Conditions of the Competition.                        

The committee in charge of a competition must establish the conditions under which the competition is played (see “Rules of Golf 2004-2007” - Rule 33-1 - page111).  The Conditions of Competition must be made available to all competitors (see “Guidance on Running a Competition” - Chapter 2 - page 8).  If it is desired to require players to walk during a competition this must be stated in the Conditions of Competition (see “Guidance on Running a Competition” - Conditions of Competition - page 18 and for recommended wording see “Rules of Golf 2004-2007” -  Appendix I - Transportation - page 138).  If the Conditions of Competition do not include “Players must walk at all times during a stipulated round” any competitor may drive or share any type of ride-on motorised vehicle.            

If a golf club, county association or other organising body wishes to implement the above condition for some or all of its competitions that body should have in place a Transportation Policy exempting disabled players from that condition.  In view of the implications of the Disability Discrimination Act 1995, great care must be taken over the wording of this document.  The Scottish Ladies’ Golfing Association has a Transportation Policy that was drawn up by its own solicitors. It sets out the circumstances in which golf buggies may be used in events organised and managed by SLGA in which it is a Condition of Competition that players should walk at all times.  It may be helpful to refer to this document (see the Rules & Regulations page) but it should be remembered that it has no bearing on club golf.  It is also very important to pay attention to Clause 1.7. which states:-  “This policy has been prepared specifically for the Scottish Ladies’ Golfing Association.. Other golf clubs should take separate legal advice in the event that they wish to put in place a transportation policy appropriate for their specific needs”.  The Ladies’ Golf Union has a similar Transportation Policy. It however relates only to LGU Championships and does not apply to LGU Medals.  It has been prepared specifically for the LGU by its legal advisors and like the SLGA policy states that golf clubs should take separate legal advice if they wish to put a transportation policy in place.