Greens Newsletters 2020

M&H Newspages 2020


New Greens Convenor Appointed - Brian Fitzpatrick

Firstly can I first say how delighted I am to have been appointed as Greens Convenor.
I'd like also to thank both Robert Campbell and Peter Gallagher for the work they have done up till now in what has been a very challenging year for the greens staff and the course.
Like everyone else I believe our course can be improved significantly with the effective utilisation of resources, time, hard work and appropriate investment.

Attached to this email is my initial greens report which hopefully reflects the clear remit which I have been given by the club's executive committee.
Improve course over remainder of the season
Put in place a structure and plan for course management
Improve communications with members on greens activities
To this end I am encouraging clear open two way communication with members and would welcome feedback, ideas, comments etc on what is working, what is not, what can be done better in relation to the greens. I will endeavour to answer and/or discuss these in a timely manner with the members who raise them.

I only ask that
Any criticism is constructive and not abusive of staff
Discussions with me do not take place whilst I am playing on the course (I create enough problems for myself there)

Please find attached August Report

Brian Fitzpatrick