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Whinhill Seniors & Laurie Trophy - Sat 17 Apr 21

The good weather was reflected in some tremendous scoring. 

The main competition was for over 55s with the main prize being the Laurie Trophy.

The winner of the Laurie Trophy was George Anderson with a net 63.  Runner-Up was Steve McDowell with 65 (BIH).

The draw for the 16 qualifiers for the Whinhill Seniors matchplay will be made later this week.

We had over 200 players competing this weekend, and the measures we have put in place for helping Pace of Play appeared to work well, with nearly all games going out on time and most going round in under 4 hours.  Let's keep this up going forward.


Greenock Golf Club
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Thursday 15 April 2021

Just a quick update on the Scottish Golf App.

Some of you may have experienced issues last week when trying to Enter & Book times for the following week.

Some folks received emails to say they had entered, and those folks also thought that they had managed to book a Tee time but hadn't.

This was reported to the Scottish Golf development team, and they indicated that we aren't the only club who is getting these issues.  It appears that the issue is being caused by the very high load on the system within a very short period (@ 7PM).

They also indicated that as a result of the increased load, the response time from the system extends, which makes members think it has locked and they exit the App. However, the developers believe that if members are patient it will respond. Unfortunately, members are exiting the App and trying again which not only locks times but means they struggle to get back in.  So maybe worth trying to wait a bit longer if you get this situation again.  

In the meantime, the developers are working on trying to resolve the response time issues.

A few members also had issues this week when trying to load the competition for scoring and it was coming up with a blank page,  Scottish Golf say that this may have been caused by a number of updates that were pushed out, and they suggest that if you had this issue then the best way to fix it is to delete the App from your phone and re-install.

Hopefully going forward, we will see less and less issues, and with the Clubhouse opening scoring should not be an issue as this can be done on the iPad.


Greenock Golf Club
Match & Handicap

Some of you may have noticed that the Yellow Tees on 5 & 11 have been moved back to their previous position on the Big Tees.  This was because the New Tees haven't stood up to the level of traffic and are not really fit for purpose. The Yellow Course has been re-instated with the extended yardages and the Course Rating/Slope Rating Indexes updated with Scottish Golf/VMS.

The purpose of the forward yellow tees was to provide an easier course suited to Seniors (and new players), therefore keeping this in mind we have had the Red Tees rated as Gents Tees as well as Ladies Tees.  This course can now be used for Gents Competition/Handicap golf and we will be looking to run a few Senior Medals on that course.

Yellow Tees are measured at 5612 yards with Course Rating /Slope Rating of 68.2/122  and SSS 68

Red Tees are measured at 5149 yards with Course Rating /Slope Rating of 65.9/117 and SSS 66
Note: The purchased Yellow Tee stones will be moved to the new position.

Please see attached the new course rating certificates and the revised course handicap charts.

These Charts & Certificates are also viewable on the Scottish Golf App.  ( Home -> More... -> Club Documents )

Greenock Golf Club
Match & Handicap

Wednesday Medal - 7 April 2021

(Click Here for full results)

Thanks to most of you for spending some time to ensure you get a completed signed scorecard on the app, this makes life a bit easier for M&H. This is also a requirement to ensure your scores are updated to WHS.

The following link is a good example of how to enter a competition, score the competition, fix incorrect scores and re-enter the app if any issues.



Crawford Bogey - 3 & 4 April 2021

(Click Here for full results)

We had a lovely weekend for golf with nearly 200 playing on Saturday and a few more on Sunday.

This week we had a Trophy at stake which was the Crawford Bogey.  The original Crawford Bogey Trophy was a painting which hangs in the Hallway of the clubhouse, however, last year Bob Hossack decided to donate a Trophy that can be presented.  Many Thanks Bob. 

The Winner of the Crawford Bogey was Charlie Paul and Runner up was Tom Moffat both with 3up on the course.  This was decided on countback over the back 9 as there were also a few others on the same mark.

You may be wondering why it has taken longer to get out the results this week.  There were a couple of reasons for this.

1) We had an issue with the system resolving the scores so had to manually configure and check it.

2) The biggest issue is with a large number of players failing to get a fully completed and signed card from the App, which requires M&H to chase down each member to see what issues they had.  I'll send out an email on this later in the week to see what we can do to ease this burden.  This issue should be resolved when we get access to the clubhouse and members can input  on the computer/iPad in the hallway.

Greenock Golf Club
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M&H Update 1 April 2021 - Crawford Bogey

We have set up the competition to be run over two days with the aim of reducing delays and hold ups.

Unfortunately for this weekend there hasn't been much of a take up for this Sunday, which could be due to the weather, or the fact it is Easter Sunday.

Therefore, we do expect some delays again this Saturday, however, as the weather for Saturday is to be good and the format is a Bogey competition then members should move a lot quicker.

The Crawford Bogey is a match-play competition against the course where you take your Strokes Received at the relevant index holes.  eg, if your SR is 6 then you get a shot at 4,7,9,11,15 & 17.  ( See example scorecard )

card crawford bogey

If your net score at the hole is better than par then you win the hole and mark in a '+'
If your net score at a hole is equal to par then you mark in a '0'
If your net score at a hole is greater than par then you mark in a '-'

At the end of the round you count up the number of '+'s and '-'s ( in the example there are 3 '+'s and 3 '-'s therefore the final score will be 0 )

As usual you enter your GROSS score in the app and the system should do all this for you, but please take a card to back this up!


FOR CRAWFORD BOGEY - If you have already played a number of shots and know that you are going to lose the hole, then you can Immediately Pick Your Ball Up and log a 0 in the app.  This should speed up play, so please do this at every opportunity.

GOING FORWARD - As you know we have introduced playing competitions over 2 days, however, other actions we have taken to address Pace of Play ( as of Sat 10th) is to increase the time intervals to 8 minutes and to reserve a couple of Tee times.  Hopefully this will allow the course to flow better.

However, it will only flow better if the players themselves take appropriate actions to speed up play.  ( See previous email with Tips on how to avoid Slow Play ).

The Committee are fully focused on Pace of Play issues and have created a Convenorship whose main role is to monitor this on a weekly basis, create a policy for dealing with slow play,  and also to educate the membership on that.  Stephen Mullan will be picking this up and will be communicating details on this via the Comms Team.

Reminder:  Please ensure to Top Up your General account.  There are still a number of players whose accounts have insufficient funds and if they end up with a good score they could lose out on prize or 2's money.  Please Check as the App will tell you if you have Entered and Paid.

If you have any questions on the above, please email M&H.
Alex Roy
Greenock Golf Club
Match & Handicap


M&H Update 1 April 2021

As mentioned earlier this week we are looking to run competitions over Sat/Sun. 

Saturday 10th & Sunday 11th April is a Stableford.
If you plan to play on the Saturday, then please enter the competition and book your time as normal( Entry opens on Friday @ 19:00 ).

If you wish to play on Sunday 11th then you also need to enter the competition for the Saturday and book a time, however, please book one of the Saturday slots after 19:00.  This lets M&H know that you are intending to play on the Sunday.

Members can book up to 4 players in the time slots for after 19:00. 

If you are going to book for the Sunday, please avoid booking at 19:00 on the Friday as the system is very busy at that point.  There are lots of slots available for the Sunday times so you should be able to book at your leisure.  Once you know what your game is going to be then you also need to book a time for the Sunday using the Normal 'Book Now' function on the app.  The Bookings for Sunday open on the previous Monday, ie, for Sunday 11th you can book your time from Monday 5th.

Players playing on Sunday will not be able to score in the app, so will require to submit scorecards either into the Starters box or by emailing to M&H.

Sunday 11th would normally be our Masters-Sunday Shotgun competition, however, because of Covid restrictions this won't be possible as gatherings are not allowed.  But having the competition on the Sunday is a good alternative to play a 4 ball and a competition with your friends.

Please note that if you are intending to play the Stableford competition on the Sunday you cannot play the Big course on the Saturday.

Any questions on the above please email M&H

Alex Roy
Greenock Golf Club
Match & Handicap




March Medal 27 March 2021

(Click Here for full results)

Saturday was a very difficult day with strong winds and heavy rain at the latter stages of the day which resulted in fairly high scoring and a significant number of NRs.  This was also the first time many of you will have competed with your New WHS Handicaps. 

Please note that in order to balance out the 3 Divisions we have made a change to Section 2 & 3.  The Handicaps are now: 

Section 1: -7 to 10.4

Section 2: 10.5 to 16.4

Section 3: 16.5 to 45

As I'm sure many of you are aware there were issues with Tee times running late and also with pace of play.

There are likely to be several reasons for this and our Committee are meeting tonight to try to address the issues as best we can.  

I'm sure that whatever outputs we have from this will require your full support and it will be incumbent on all of us as members to do what we can to ensure that everyone from the early birds to the late starters can enjoy the same level of enjoyment from the course.  

Please be assured that your committee are taking this very seriously and we will do everything possible to resolve.

There were also significant issues with scoring on the App which needs to be addressed, and I will be sending out more about this later in the week.  This was the main reason for the delay in getting results out. Hopefully we can get back into the Clubhouse soon and get access to the iPad/Computer which should remove this as an issue.

Thanks for your Support.

Any questions or comments please email M&H as per email below.

Greenock Golf Club
Match & Handicap



M&H Update 26 March 2021

Update about this weekend's competition, the March Medal.

Preferred Lies will be in operation.  ie, Lift and place within 6 inches if on prepared grass. ie Fairway, Fringes and Approaches.

Preferred lies will be in place till End of April.

From Saturday onwards Mats will no longer be required.

This is the first singles competition of the year and for many it will be their first time using their new WHS handicap.

When marking a scorecard, players should put their Course Handicap on their Scorecard.

To get your Course Handicap, players can take their Handicap Index and cross check on the 18 Hole Courses Course Handicap chart.   This Chart is viewable here or on the Golf App.  Go to >> More.. -> Club Documents -> 18 Hole Courses Handicap Tables.(White Tees).

See attachment.

The Good News is that the Golf App should have it all worked out for you anyway!!

Thats the Good News, the Bad News is that when it comes to working out the places in a competition, players also get a Playing Handicap.  The Playing Handicap depends on what type of competition you are playing.  For Normal Strokeplay competitions your Playing Handicap is 95% of your exact Course Handicap, which is then rounded.

Take Player X as an example.....
Player X has a handicap index of 19.3
His Course Handicap is 21.0 (ie, 19.3 x 123/113)  (Where 123 is the Slope Index of the course you are playing-ie, Greenock White Tees)
His playing handicap is 21.0 x 95% = 19.95 (20) ie, Rounded to 20

From November 2020 all Scottish Golf Clubs moved onto a new handicap system WHS.

Each player will now have a Handicap Index.  This Index is based on a players’ best 8 scores from their last 20. (or less if players don’t have 20 scores recorded).   Players can view this on the Scottish Golf App or on the SG website (https://scottishgolf.org/members-area/).

Players will also have a Course Handicap; this is dependent on which course and set of Tees a player is using.

For example.  If a player with a 6.3 Index is playing White Tees @ Greenock Golf club.  The White Tees @ Greenock have a Slope Rating of 123.

To work out a players Course Handicap the formula is…
Course Handicap = Handicap Index x Slope Rating/113
CH = 6.3 x 123/113 = 6.8 (This is rounded to 7).

There are also Course Handicap Lookup tables available to allow members to see this without use of a calculator. These can be found here on the club website or on the golf app. A hardcopy will be posted in the Clubhouse. (When we get back in).

Note: For Matchplay competitions the Handicap Allowance is 100% of Course Handicap, ie, players use their Course Handicap as per the day of their match. 

For Stroke/Stableford competitions the Handicap Allowance is 95%.

Note: Scottish Golf recommend that players submit as many scores as they can as this should help ensure that your handicap reflects your current playing ability.  Scores can be returned at any time using the General Play Function in the Scottish Golf App as long as you pre-register your round and are playing with a valid Marker.

If anyone has any questions on the above, please email M&H.

Alex Roy
Greenock Golf Club
Match & Handicap



M&H News 21 March 2021

Results of Saturdays 4 Man Team competition are available on the website results page.

Congratulations to the winning team with a tremendous score of 121.
1= Adam Brown
1= James Glover
1= Brian Mclean
1= James Harkness


We have been lucky to be able to admit a number of New members to Greenock Golf Club over the last year.
Many of our New members are also fairly new to Golf and to a Golf Club, and for many, this means being able to get a handicap and take part in club competitions.  We have a number of New members ( and old members ) who don't have a regular golf partner which makes it difficult to be able to obtain a handicap and get into Team competitions.
What we would like to do is to have a forum set up where members can arrange games with others.  If you would like to be included in that forum, just drop an email to M&H on email below.


Greenock Golf Club
Match & Handicap


M&H News 15 March 2021

Results for Saturdays 4 man team competition are available on the website results section.

Outstanding scoring from the winners with 89 points, helped by a 2 @ 8th from Jeff Dechambeu-Mitchell ( I'm assuming he drove the Green :-) ).  2nd place was won with 86 points and there was a countback on 85 points to separate the other placings.

The course was in excellent condition considering the weather and it was great to see such a big field given all the rain we had.  The field seemed to move along well given that it was 4 balls, so let's keep this up, and remember, if you are not going to contribute to the scoring you can always pick your ball up, which will keep things moving faster.  

We had some problems with the VMS system crashing when trying to run the results ( Development are still looking at it ), hence the delay in getting the results out. Plus, there are a couple of teams scores missing from the end of the report, but I'll ask Scottish Golf to investigate and find out why.

The way the system handles 2's is that they are paid out to the person who actually got the 2.  So, I guess it depends on how generous the player is and whether he shares his winnings with his teammates. Or buys a round when the bar eventually opens !!

This Saturday's competition is a similar format except that it is best 2 Net Scores that are recorded instead of points.  I will post an example scorecard near the end of this week.

Please be aware that all CHALLENGE CUP entries must be in by 21st March.  No entries can be accepted after that date as the Draw will be made shortly after that date.

Please remember to top up your General Account via the app as this will ensure that your sweep money gets paid, if it isn't paid and you happen to have a winning score or a 2 then the system won't pay out.

Please remember to pick up your Loyalty card and your rake from the starter.  Hopefully everyone having their own rake will mean that we will all have good lies in the bunkers. 
TIP: A wee tip is to ensure you put your name on the rake so that if you leave it at a hole or it falls off your bag then it can be returned.

Any queries on any M&H matters please email as per below.

Alex Roy,
Greenock Golf Club
Match & Handicap