• M&H Updates 2021

Stableford - Wed 19 June 21

Highlights for today were 42 points for Jordan Kimmins, with a few others on 40 points.

The course is in great condition and this is reflected in the scoring.

Reminder:  Please ensure you have topped up your account in order to enter and pay for the competitions.

General Play Scores
A number of people have been using General Play scores however they are unsure why they have received GP penalty scores.
If you have started a GP score you need to ensure the score has been fully submitted on the app before you leave the course on which you played, as it is tied in to GPS coordinates.

If you have an issue and cannot complete the submission of a GP score, then please email M&H with your scorecard and they can delete the pending score and get the correct score submitted.


Greenock Golf Club
Match & Handicap


Friday 9 Hole Stableford and Lyle Medal - Fri 11 June & Sat 12 June 21

First, we had the 9-hole stableford on Friday night.  This was won by Cameron Watson with 20 points.

Saturday & Sunday we had the Lyle Medal 2nd Leg, ie, the Summer Meeting.

Highlights from this was a 63 by Ranald Moore and a number of 64s.
Best Gross was 70 by Crawford Rae.

This has taken Ranald to the top of the Lyle Medal Order Of Merit with 130 and Jeff Mitchell with 132.

The Lyle Medal 2021 OoM can be viewed in Comps on the Scottish Golf App.

Next Weekend we have a Stableford on Saturday and also the Greenock Open on Sunday.  There are still some places available for the Open.


Dear Member, just a quick reminder to players that they need to ensure they have a signed card.
There were a number of people DQ'd at the weekend as they did not submit a signed card.

Please note: If the system does not see a signed card then the score does not get submitted and the score will not get added to your WHS record.

Some people have said that they signed both boxes on their phone, however, please remember,  that is not your card! that is the person you are scoring for.  

You need to check with the person marking your card that they have successfully signed the card and received the 'Scorecard Successfully submitted'

If they have not been able to confirm this then you must go to the iPad and input your scores and sign the card.

If there are issues with the iPad then you should let Duncan know.  note: Duncan also has an iPad in the shop and if there are issues with the one in the clubhouse then he may be able to assist you entering your score on his.

In the event you have not been able to get a card signed on the system then you need to take a picture of your scorecard ( signed ) and send to the M&H email address below.


Any cards on the system that do not have a signature (and has not been reported to M&H of an issue) will be DQ'd.    

Alex Roy
Greenock Golf Club
Match & Handicap


Alex Roy
Greenock Golf Club
Match & Handicap

Medal - Wednesday 9 June 21

Best scores were Paul Power & Ben Peterson with Net 64s.

Please note that there is a 9 Hole Stableford this Friday 11th June.

Also, the Saturday competition for 19th June is a Stableford and members can play in 4 balls.  This is because the Greenock Singles Open competition is on Sunday 20th June ( entry fee £12 )

Greenock Open
    1st Place - £150
    2nd Place -£ £100
    3rd Place - £80
    4th Place - £50
    5th Place - £30
    Scratch Prize - £150

This is a Race to Mar Hall event and a maximum handicap allowance of 28  

Greenock Golf Club
Match & Handicap



Captains Foursomes - Round 2 Draw

Hi folks, here is the draw for the Captains Foursomes Round 2. 

2nd round to be completed by 4th July. 

Please contact your opponent's ASAP please.  As with other competitions it is both teams' responsibility to get in touch so, please use emails or get telephone numbers from the Golf App to get in touch.

One game is outstanding but will be completed this week.

Greenock Golf Club
Match & Handicap


Charity Salver - Saturday 29 May 21

The Winner of the Charity Salver is David Finch with a Net 61 (BIH). Runner up was Kevin Murphy who also had a 61. Best Gross was Alistair Roy with a 68.

Monies raised from Saturday's competition will be provided to a Local Charity.   Thanks to the members for their support.

Scottish golf had a system error at the weekend which resulted in an outage.  This was resolved and scores have now been submitted to WHS, scores should show on players handicap records. 

Greenock Golf Club
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May Medal - Saturday 22 May 21

Highlight of the weekend was Robert Johnstone's 76 less 16 for a Net 60.

Great score for one of our long-standing members Congratulations Robert.

There seems to have been an issue with the system for an hour or so on Saturday afternoon which resulted in some people being unable to complete or sign their card on the app or on the iPad.   Most people who were unable to sign their card on the system did the correct thing and sent me across a picture of their card.  Thanks for doing that, however, in normal circumstances when the system is up you must have a signed card on the system or you will be DQ'd.

Thanks for your support.

Alex Roy
Greenock Golf Club
Match & Handicap


Turner Quaich - Saturday 22 May 21

On Saturday we played for the Turner Quaich which is for over 65s.  The winner of this was Jim Docherty with a Net 69, as did the Runner Up Peter Harley.  The competition had to be settled over the best last 8 holes.

The senior Championship first round needs to be completed by 20th June.  Please ensure you get in touch with your opponent asap as the Seniors championship final should be played on the same day as the Club Championship final on 7th August.

Senior Championship Draw

Greenock Golf Club
Match & Handicap

Seniors Championship Qualifier & Turner Quaich - Saturday 22 May 21

The following people qualified for the Matchplay with the final place qualifiers making it on Better Inward Half.  The draw for the Seniors Championship will be made and published soon.


Murdoch Carmichael


Cameron Mclellan


Gordon Cameron


Crawford Rae


Charles Mcdowell


Steven Orr


Frank Molloy


Jim Mcaulay


Stuart Gallacher


Alex Roy


Kenneth Roy


Ian Doak


Peter Gallagher


James Orr ( BIH )


Owen Gallagher ( BIH )


Fraser Gray ( BIH )

Whilst all the pressure was on the seniors in the qualifying, there was also a sweepstake for the younger members and young Chris McCauley shot a spectacular 69 Gross ( 65 ).  With similar Net scores from Al Livingstone & John McGill.

This score from Chris was just a warmup for Sunday's Tennant Trophy. 

After joining up with past Champion Cammy Jones and wisely deciding to play early on Sunday, the boys played some amazing golf, including 3 two's to score 60.

The prize winners for the Tennant were: 
1.C McCaulay & C Jones - 60
2. C Gallacher & N Forrest - 62
3. J Kimmings & C Black - 63 ( BIH )
4. A Campbell & R MCCallum 63
5. P Gallagher & C Gallagher 64 ( BIH )

Despite horrendous weather the course stood up really well to a battering of rain, as did the field with the vast majority managing to complete their round.

Thanks go to Duncan & James for arranging & supplying the prizes and also to Cammy McClellan for his support to M&H.

note: Anyone who got a 2 should pick up their sleeve of Pro V1s from Duncan who has the list of winners.

Alex Roy
Greenock Golf Club
Match & Handicap


Stableford - Wednesday 19 May 21

The results from Wednesday's competition have been posted to the results page and on the app.  Everyone had a verified card, thanks to all for getting that done.   Leading Scores were Paul Power and Peter Harkin with 42 & 41 points respectively.  Well done guys.

This Sunday we have the Tennant Trophy 4 Ball Better Ball competition, and I would like to request, if anyone has a couple of hours to spare on Sunday could they help out in collection of Scorecards and marking up a leader board.

Our Starter will collect any outstanding monies and provide Scorecards to teams on check in and the games will be coming in from around 1PM through until 7PM.

If you are willing to spend an hour or 2 it would be much appreciated. 

If you are willing to help out, please let me know by emailing me on:  mandh@greenockgolfclub.co.uk

Thanks for your support.

( Attached is an Example Scorecard for the Tennant Trophy.  Players should put their Handicap Index on the Card, and this should tie in with the details on the system, which will determine the strokes received.  Players will get 85% of their Exact Course Handicap)

Example Card

Markers should ensure they input the players Gross scores in columns A & B and the best Net score in the next Column.  

Greenock Golf Club
Match & Handicap



Reid Rose Bowl - Saturday 15 May 21

The highlight of the Reid Rose Qualifying was a Net 60 from Ben Knox.

The Qualifying score for the Match Play was 67 with Best Back 9 used to resolve the qualifiers.

The Draw for the Match play is attached.  With all first-round matches to be played by 13th June. 

In a well-supported Stableford on Friday there was a spectacular score from Ronan McCafferty with 24 points.

Congratulations to all the winners and qualifiers.  Good Luck in the Match Play.

Alex Roy
Greenock Golf Club
Match & Handicap


Timesheeet - Saturday 22 May 21

Next Saturday ( 22nd May ) is the Qualifying round for the Seniors Championship.  This is open to all members who are 55 or over on the day of the competition.

We have the Tennant Trophy Open competition on Sunday 23rd May; therefore, Sunday will not be available for the Seniors Qualifying so it will be restricted to the Saturday only.

In order to ensure over 55s have priority access to Tee times, the competition will open up for entry as usual @ 19:00 on Friday(14th), however it will only be open for over 55s.  Entry will be disabled for those under 55. 

The system will be opened to the rest of the members @ 21:00 for normal entry.

I hope the members will be understanding of this as it is the Seniors championship and for the under 55s it is only a sweepstake.  Hopefully everyone who is looking to play will get a time as we have increased the number of times slightly. 

An alternative would be for some of our younger members to embrace the Murray Cup.    To enter the Murray Cup just give your name to the Starter and pay £1 entry.

The Murray Cup  
This is a handicap strokeplay competition played over the “Wee Course”. 
The Murray Cup is awarded to the player with the best 2 round net total score. 
Players are required to play over the “Wee Course” during the months of March through to September.  Members may play on two occasions on any month, but only their best score of the two is counted for that particular month. 


Greenock Golf Club
Match & Handicap



Timesheet - Saturday 15 May 21

As you know we had major issues with the system on Friday night which resulted in us having to close off the competition for any new entries. Many people had times confirmed but somehow the system allowed them to be removed and others then claimed the times.

We are over subscribed for the times that are available, therefore, to be fair to those who had a time we are going to have to delete the time sheet for Saturday and restructure it to allow us to add in some additional times.   This will mean that most folks times will change, although not by much.

M&H will require to manually re-populate the draw sheet and it may take a couple of days to complete this.  Hopefully we can re-open it by Thursday.

Unfortunately adding in additional times is likely to cause some issues with pace of play so I would appreciate some patience if this is the case,  If anyone wishes to move to the Sunday, please let me know.


Greenock Golf Club
Match & Handicap


Captains Foursomes Draw

Click here for the draw for the Captains Foursomes. 

First round to be completed by 6th June.  There will be no extensions so please contact your opponent's ASAP please.  As with other competitions it is both teams' responsibility to get in touch so, please use emails or get telephone numbers from the Golf App to get in touch.

G Donnachie & J Burns get a bye into 2nd round.

To work out handicaps players should get their Course Handicap from the Lookup Tables or the App ( Lookup Course button ).

The teams course handicaps are added together and the strokes received are 1/2 the difference.


Greenock Golf Club
Match & Handicap



Lyle Medal - Saturday 8 May 2021

There were distinct contrasts in the weather between Saturday and Sunday with the Sunday players having a mostly dry day and temperatures having risen by 10 degrees.

The PCC (new name for the CSS) for Saturday went up by 2 shots.

Scoring was difficult on Saturday but there were still one or two great scores in the conditions.  Especially the Net 62 by Ronald McCallum.  Well done, Ronald.

Crawford Rae had a gross 72 which was remarkable in the conditions.

11 players were Disqualified as they did not sign their card on the App or on the iPAd.

There were quite a number of NRs due to the weather on Saturday and it was noticed that some of those who NRd had selected 'Retired' as the NR option.  Please note that this option should only be used if someone is retiring because of a medical issue or an emergency.  

With the new handicap system, if you have completed more than 10 holes then you should still submit the score and just put zeros into the boxes where you did not complete the hole.

Alex Roy


Greenock Golf Club
Match & Handicap



Medal - Wednesday 5 May 2021

There were 12 players who did not sign their card.  Although I said I would DQ all players who did not sign their card, I have ignored my own advice in the hope that Everyone will comply this coming weekend.  ie, this is the final warning.

If you have had a 2 or a good score and do not sign your card you will not get paid out as the system won't pick up your score.  That is why I need Everyone to comply and even if you NR you must complete the card on the iPAD and sign it. 

With the new WHS handicap system if you NR at one or two holes the system will still give you an adjusted Gross score, so it is worth ensuring you complete as many holes as you can.

Please note that if someone is using the 'Score for All players' function on the app then it does not allow you to sign your card.
This must be completed on the iPad.

The simple thing to remember is, if you haven't physically signed for a score on your phone or on the iPAD then your score isn't valid.

Coming back to the results..

We again had some wonderful scores none more so than Jonny Glen.

Jonny started 2,3,3 which in Net scores was 1,2,2...

Great score Jonny.

We also had yet another Hole in 1.  This time Michael McCartney got one @ the 7th.   Congratulations Michael on a great achievement ( especially @ the 7th ).

Unfortunately for Michael our Hole in One slush fund had been wiped out with the fact we had 3 other holes in one in the last 12 days.  As I mentioned before, we need the Greens team to start hiding the pins away to help us build up another fund. 🙂

Alex Roy
Greenock Golf Club
Match & Handicap



Provost Trophy - Sat 1 May 21

Wow, that was an eventful weekend in the Provost Trophy, scores have been elevated to another level!!

I remember (not that long ago) when a 62 would be the winning score for the Provost Qualifier, this weekend 62 didn't even guarantee qualification, with one team on 62 missing out on a place in the matchplay.

The winning score of 55 was remarkable and although the winning team had a lot of high scores on their card, they interlocked well enough to come through with a great score.  They even had a Net 0 at the 7th !! (Gross 3 less 3 shots).  Congratulations to Kieran Munro and Ryan Lynch.

Yet again we had another hole in one (this is our 3rd in 8 days !!).  Congratulations go this time to David Docherty, and with CoVid restrictions lifted David was able to respect the time old tradition of putting up a Bottle of Whisky.  Well Done Davy!
(Our Hole in 1 fund has been wiped out, so I need to have a word with the Greens convenor to get those pins stuck behind bunkers for a few weeks to let it build up again !! :-)

Some people also had issues with scores on the App and reverted to submitting normal cards.   M&H have reviewed all the scores and we believe them to be correct.  

Please find attached the Results and the Top 16 teams will be in the draw.  

The Matchplay draw will be made this week.  Good Luck to all those who qualified.

Greenock Golf Club
Match & Handicap



WHS Card Submission

ALL players need to submit a signed scorecard, otherwise, they will be Disqualified (including NRs ).

Only exceptions are if there has been an issue with the App and also with the iPAD.  In which case a normal signed card needs to be submitted to M&H via email.

However, if there was an issue with the iPAD this also needs to be reported to the Starter or M&H before leaving the course in line with the rules of golf.  ie, All scores must be submitted before leaving the course.

Checking todays scores there are some players who do not have a signed card.

Can those players please indicate the reasons for not having a signed card and if they have reported this to the starter as M&H haven't had any reports or any cards provided.


Please note as per the new WHS system cards that are unsigned/unverified, do not get sent to WHS for inclusion in your handicap record so it is in everyone's interest to ensure they complete their card online.  Anyone seen to be abusing this in order to prevent scores being posted are liable to be suspended from competition golf.

Greenock Golf Club
Match & Handicap



Captains Foursomes - Closing Date For Entries - Sunday 9 May

Scottish Golf have confirmed that it is OK to play foursomes.  This is with one proviso in that the person who owns the ball in use is the only person allowed to touch it.

ie, if a ball is on the Green then the person who owns the ball is the only one who can mark and lift it.

The Entry for the Captains Foursomes Matchplay competition is now open on the app and closing date is Sunday 9th May.

Entry is £2 per person.

The Captains’ Foursomes  
All ordinary members may enter the Captains’ Foursomes, which is a handicap Matchplay competition for the play of Foursomes. 
A random draw shall take place and will be posted on the Scottish Golf app. 
The Matchplay rounds shall take place on dates determined by the committee.


The handicap differential is half the difference in the two teams’ totals.

ie, You add both players Course handicap together and then take 1/2 the difference.


player A - Handicap index 4.0 - White Tees Course Hcap = 4
player B - Handicap index 6.3 - White Tees Course Hcap = 7
player C - Handicap index 9.9 - White Tees Course Hcap = 11
player D - Handicap index 15.7 - White Tees Course Hcap = 17

Team AB Total = 4+7 = 11  Team CD Total = 11+17=28
Shots Received = (28-11)/2 = 17/2 = 8.5 rounded to 9.

Greenock Golf Club
Match & Handicap



Stableford - Wednesday 28 April 2021

Highlight of the day was another hole in 1.  Congratulations to John McCafferty on achieving this feat @ the 10th Hole. ( Our M&H Convenor is lucky to hit 10th Green Once a year never mind holing it ).

39 points was the Magic number with each section winner matching that.  Well done guys.

As you know I sent out a couple of emails indicating that Everyone needs to have a SIGNED DIGITAL SCORECARD.  (Including my homemade Video) . There were 19 people who didn't manage this and have been asked to provide reasons for not being able to achieve this, despite the iPad being available.

List of excuses, include... 
I forgot!, I couldn't be bothered standing in the Queue for the iPAd!, My DOB must be wrong!,  I was drunk!, I left it for my mate to do it!  We walked in/NR'd so didn't think we needed to sign! etc....

If a score isn't signed, then there are consequences-
1) The VMS system will not add your score onto your WHS record.
2) M&H need to spend time to find out why the score isn't verified/signed.
3) The rules of Golf require a Signed card and the player should be DQd.

We have been lax in enforcing and disqualifications up to this point as we only had the mobile app available to us and there were some issues with it, however, now we have the iPAD which allows members to complete a signed card.

note: I have manually verified yesterdays completed scores to allow them to be added to players scoring records but going forward these will not be recognised.

For serial offenders some clubs will stop them entering competitions for a period of time, but I am hoping we have a better class of membership that won't let it get to that.

Thanks for your support going forward and I look forward to everyone having FULLY SIGNED CARDS next Wednesday.

PLEASE NOTE THAT THE PLAYER IS RESPONSIBLE TO ENSURE THAT THEIR OWN SCORE HAS BEEN SUBMITTED AND SIGNED.  If someone else is marking your score on their phone it is still your responsibility to make sure it is fully signed, so please spend some time with them at the end of the round to double check this and if it isn't then you need to finish it off on the iPAD.  Even if the scores are recorded on the system, you still need a signature to make it valid.

NOTE: Even if you NR & Walk in you still need to Sign the card digitally so that the M&H know that it is an actual NR and not just a problem with the system/app.

Greenock Golf Club
Match & Handicap



VMS IPad Score Entry - 28 April 2021

Dear Member,  just to remind you that the iPad is now available for Scoring in competitions.

Everyone should ensure they have a Fully Signed ( 2 signatures ) card on the system.

Even players who NR need to ensure they complete their card on the system.

If you do not get a fully signed card on the App you need to make sure it is completed on the iPad.

Players will be able to complete their card very quickly on the iPad so there should be no excuses.   A short video is attached for those unfamiliar with the iPad.

LINK ->  https://youtu.be/9cdt1lCTqwo

If for some reason the iPad is down, then please let the Starter know immediately and if it is not resolved quickly then please revert to a normal scorecard and inform M&H at the email address below.


Greenock Golf Club
Match & Handicap



Upcoming Provost Trophy - 1 May 2021

I see quite a few teams have entered the Provost but don't have a tee time yet.

If you think you have a Tee time please check and if not then let me know which time you want aligned with as there are still quite a few free, especially early tee times.

Greenock Golf Club
Match & Handicap



Medal - Sat & Sun 24 & 25 April - Sunday players can score on the app

Previous instructions were for players who were playing on Sunday to just submit a normal scorecard, however, last week a couple of the games were able to check in to the competition and use the scoring function on the app.

If you are able to do this it would help M&H greatly by reducing the number of cards that need to be manually entered.

I haven't tried this myself, but I you should be able to find the April Medal on the App, either in Comps - Club - Past or Future  or it may even be on the Home page - Competitions Today.

I've been told that it works as normal once you select the Competition.

If you are unable to do this then just submit the card as normal.

Greenock Golf Club
Match & Handicap



23 April 21 - Scottish Golf App - WHS (World Handicapping System)

As you know we have been using the Scottish Golf App to allow us to play our competitions, however, not everyone has a mobile phone plus some folks have had technical issues ( and non-Technical ) resulting in scores being submitted that are not digitally signed.

With the new World Handicap System any scores that do not have a fully signed/verified card are not submitted for Handicap purposes and should be discarded.

Because members didn't have the capabilities to resolve their issues using just a mobile phone, M&H have been manually verifying their scores to ensure they were added to a player's handicap record.

From 26th April we are allowed back into the Clubhouse, and we will have access to the VMS computer/Ipad system.  ( Located next to the fruit machine in the hallway ).

Therefore, going forward, ALL PLAYERS must ensure they have a Fully Signed Digital Card.

Players will be able to complete their card very quickly on the iPad so there should be no excuses.   A short video is attached here, https://youtu.be/9cdt1lCTqwo, for those unfamiliar with the iPad.

Anyone who doesn't have a fully completed and signed card will be Disqualified from the competition, as it would be with a normal scorecard that was unsigned.

This also goes for someone who has a signed card but has unwittingly signed for a lower score than they had, i.e., they too will be DQ'd.

If for some reason the iPad is down, then please let the Starter know immediately and if it is not resolved quickly then please revert to a normal scorecard and inform M&H at the email address below.

Greenock Golf Club
Match & Handicap



Upcoming Provost Trophy - Sat 1 May 21

Provost Trophy
Next week's Saturday competition is the Provost Trophy.
This is a Pairs team competition and games will go out in 4 balls ( 2 teams ).

Players can only enter their own team against a Tee time.  If you wish to play in a specific fourball then both teams will need to try to get the same time.

If players are unable to get the same time, then I would still encourage teams to take a time.  This might be a good opportunity for members who don't normally play together to get to know other members.

I think the important thing is for teams to get a time and if some folks wish to swap about then as long as all players in those times are OK about it then you can request M&H to move during the week. ( Avoid requests during this weekend ).

Also, remember if you are playing as a 4 ball on the Sunday to take a Saturday Tee Time after 19:00, again, both teams need to enter separately.

Please note that each week we are reserving 3 Tee times to allow the time sheet to catch up and stay on track and also to help ease the flow and keep up the Pace of Play.  So please don't ask if you can be fitted into those slots.

As this is a 4-ball competition play may be slightly slower, so we have extended the gap to 9 minutes, but can I please encourage players to ensure they keep up with the game in front.

Greenock Golf Club
Match & Handicap



Whinhill Seniors & Laurie Trophy - Sat 17 Apr 21

The good weather was reflected in some tremendous scoring. 

The main competition was for over 55s with the main prize being the Laurie Trophy.

The winner of the Laurie Trophy was George Anderson with a net 63.  Runner-Up was Steve McDowell with 65 (BIH).

The draw for the 16 qualifiers for the Whinhill Seniors matchplay will be made later this week.

We had over 200 players competing this weekend, and the measures we have put in place for helping Pace of Play appeared to work well, with nearly all games going out on time and most going round in under 4 hours.  Let's keep this up going forward.

Draw Update - Whinhill Seniors 2021
18 Hole Course White Tees , Order of Play for Round 1

1 06:00 1 Cameron Mclellan 5.0 - Michael O'brien 15.5
2 06:01 1 Graeme Alexander 27.7 - James Orr 16.8
3 06:02 1 James H Duncan 18.7 - Charles Paul 9.0
4 06:03 1 Neil Delussey 10.4 - Satish Patel 19.3
5 06:04 1 Brian Davidson 18.1 - Steve Mcdowall 14.6
6 06:05 1 Kenneth Parker 19.3b - Ian Jamieson 15.1
7 06:06 1 Patrick Tinney 17.7 - George Anderson 22.5
8 06:07 1 Willie Kemp 10.6 - John Mcdougall 15.6

Greenock Golf Club
Match & Handicap


Thursday 15 April 2021

Just a quick update on the Scottish Golf App.

Some of you may have experienced issues last week when trying to Enter & Book times for the following week.

Some folks received emails to say they had entered, and those folks also thought that they had managed to book a Tee time but hadn't.

This was reported to the Scottish Golf development team, and they indicated that we aren't the only club who is getting these issues.  It appears that the issue is being caused by the very high load on the system within a very short period (@ 7PM).

They also indicated that as a result of the increased load, the response time from the system extends, which makes members think it has locked and they exit the App. However, the developers believe that if members are patient it will respond. Unfortunately, members are exiting the App and trying again which not only locks times but means they struggle to get back in.  So maybe worth trying to wait a bit longer if you get this situation again.  

In the meantime, the developers are working on trying to resolve the response time issues.

A few members also had issues this week when trying to load the competition for scoring and it was coming up with a blank page,  Scottish Golf say that this may have been caused by a number of updates that were pushed out, and they suggest that if you had this issue then the best way to fix it is to delete the App from your phone and re-install.

Hopefully going forward, we will see less and less issues, and with the Clubhouse opening scoring should not be an issue as this can be done on the iPad.

Some of you may have noticed that the Yellow Tees on 5 & 11 have been moved back to their previous position on the Big Tees.  This was because the New Tees haven't stood up to the level of traffic and are not really fit for purpose. The Yellow Course has been re-instated with the extended yardages and the Course Rating/Slope Rating Indexes updated with Scottish Golf/VMS.

The purpose of the forward yellow tees was to provide an easier course suited to Seniors (and new players), therefore keeping this in mind we have had the Red Tees rated as Gents Tees as well as Ladies Tees.  This course can now be used for Gents Competition/Handicap golf and we will be looking to run a few Senior Medals on that course.

Yellow Tees are measured at 5612 yards with Course Rating /Slope Rating of 68.2/122  and SSS 68

Red Tees are measured at 5149 yards with Course Rating /Slope Rating of 65.9/117 and SSS 66
Note: The purchased Yellow Tee stones will be moved to the new position.

Please see attached the new course rating certificates and the revised course handicap charts.

These Charts & Certificates are also viewable on the Scottish Golf App.  ( Home -> More... -> Club Documents )

Greenock Golf Club
Match & Handicap



Wednesday Medal - 7 April 2021

(Click Here for full results)

Thanks to most of you for spending some time to ensure you get a completed signed scorecard on the app, this makes life a bit easier for M&H. This is also a requirement to ensure your scores are updated to WHS.

The following link is a good example of how to enter a competition, score the competition, fix incorrect scores and re-enter the app if any issues.




Crawford Bogey - 3 & 4 April 2021

(Click Here for full results)

We had a lovely weekend for golf with nearly 200 playing on Saturday and a few more on Sunday.

This week we had a Trophy at stake which was the Crawford Bogey.  The original Crawford Bogey Trophy was a painting which hangs in the Hallway of the clubhouse, however, last year Bob Hossack decided to donate a Trophy that can be presented.  Many Thanks Bob. 

The Winner of the Crawford Bogey was Charlie Paul and Runner up was Tom Moffat both with 3up on the course.  This was decided on countback over the back 9 as there were also a few others on the same mark.

You may be wondering why it has taken longer to get out the results this week.  There were a couple of reasons for this.

1) We had an issue with the system resolving the scores so had to manually configure and check it.

2) The biggest issue is with a large number of players failing to get a fully completed and signed card from the App, which requires M&H to chase down each member to see what issues they had.  I'll send out an email on this later in the week to see what we can do to ease this burden.  This issue should be resolved when we get access to the clubhouse and members can input  on the computer/iPad in the hallway.

Greenock Golf Club
Match & Handicap



M&H Update 1 April 2021 - Crawford Bogey

We have set up the competition to be run over two days with the aim of reducing delays and hold ups.

Unfortunately for this weekend there hasn't been much of a take up for this Sunday, which could be due to the weather, or the fact it is Easter Sunday.

Therefore, we do expect some delays again this Saturday, however, as the weather for Saturday is to be good and the format is a Bogey competition then members should move a lot quicker.

The Crawford Bogey is a match-play competition against the course where you take your Strokes Received at the relevant index holes.  eg, if your SR is 6 then you get a shot at 4,7,9,11,15 & 17.  ( See example scorecard )

card crawford bogey

If your net score at the hole is better than par then you win the hole and mark in a '+'
If your net score at a hole is equal to par then you mark in a '0'
If your net score at a hole is greater than par then you mark in a '-'

At the end of the round you count up the number of '+'s and '-'s ( in the example there are 3 '+'s and 3 '-'s therefore the final score will be 0 )

As usual you enter your GROSS score in the app and the system should do all this for you, but please take a card to back this up!


FOR CRAWFORD BOGEY - If you have already played a number of shots and know that you are going to lose the hole, then you can Immediately Pick Your Ball Up and log a 0 in the app.  This should speed up play, so please do this at every opportunity.

GOING FORWARD - As you know we have introduced playing competitions over 2 days, however, other actions we have taken to address Pace of Play ( as of Sat 10th) is to increase the time intervals to 8 minutes and to reserve a couple of Tee times.  Hopefully this will allow the course to flow better.

However, it will only flow better if the players themselves take appropriate actions to speed up play.  ( See previous email with Tips on how to avoid Slow Play ).

The Committee are fully focused on Pace of Play issues and have created a Convenorship whose main role is to monitor this on a weekly basis, create a policy for dealing with slow play,  and also to educate the membership on that.  Stephen Mullan will be picking this up and will be communicating details on this via the Comms Team.

Reminder:  Please ensure to Top Up your General account.  There are still a number of players whose accounts have insufficient funds and if they end up with a good score they could lose out on prize or 2's money.  Please Check as the App will tell you if you have Entered and Paid.

If you have any questions on the above, please email M&H.
Alex Roy
Greenock Golf Club
Match & Handicap



M&H Update 1 April 2021

As mentioned earlier this week we are looking to run competitions over Sat/Sun. 

Saturday 10th & Sunday 11th April is a Stableford.
If you plan to play on the Saturday, then please enter the competition and book your time as normal( Entry opens on Friday @ 19:00 ).

If you wish to play on Sunday 11th then you also need to enter the competition for the Saturday and book a time, however, please book one of the Saturday slots after 19:00.  This lets M&H know that you are intending to play on the Sunday.

Members can book up to 4 players in the time slots for after 19:00. 

If you are going to book for the Sunday, please avoid booking at 19:00 on the Friday as the system is very busy at that point.  There are lots of slots available for the Sunday times so you should be able to book at your leisure.  Once you know what your game is going to be then you also need to book a time for the Sunday using the Normal 'Book Now' function on the app.  The Bookings for Sunday open on the previous Monday, ie, for Sunday 11th you can book your time from Monday 5th.

Players playing on Sunday will not be able to score in the app, so will require to submit scorecards either into the Starters box or by emailing to M&H.

Sunday 11th would normally be our Masters-Sunday Shotgun competition, however, because of Covid restrictions this won't be possible as gatherings are not allowed.  But having the competition on the Sunday is a good alternative to play a 4 ball and a competition with your friends.

Please note that if you are intending to play the Stableford competition on the Sunday you cannot play the Big course on the Saturday.

Any questions on the above please email M&H

Alex Roy
Greenock Golf Club
Match & Handicap




March Medal 27 March 2021

(Click Here for full results)

Saturday was a very difficult day with strong winds and heavy rain at the latter stages of the day which resulted in fairly high scoring and a significant number of NRs.  This was also the first time many of you will have competed with your New WHS Handicaps. 

Please note that in order to balance out the 3 Divisions we have made a change to Section 2 & 3.  The Handicaps are now: 

Section 1: -7 to 10.4

Section 2: 10.5 to 16.4

Section 3: 16.5 to 45

As I'm sure many of you are aware there were issues with Tee times running late and also with pace of play.

There are likely to be several reasons for this and our Committee are meeting tonight to try to address the issues as best we can.  

I'm sure that whatever outputs we have from this will require your full support and it will be incumbent on all of us as members to do what we can to ensure that everyone from the early birds to the late starters can enjoy the same level of enjoyment from the course.  

Please be assured that your committee are taking this very seriously and we will do everything possible to resolve.

There were also significant issues with scoring on the App which needs to be addressed, and I will be sending out more about this later in the week.  This was the main reason for the delay in getting results out. Hopefully we can get back into the Clubhouse soon and get access to the iPad/Computer which should remove this as an issue.

Thanks for your Support.

Any questions or comments please email M&H as per email below.

Greenock Golf Club
Match & Handicap



M&H Update 26 March 2021

Update about this weekend's competition, the March Medal.

Preferred Lies will be in operation.  ie, Lift and place within 6 inches if on prepared grass. ie Fairway, Fringes and Approaches.

Preferred lies will be in place till End of April.

From Saturday onwards Mats will no longer be required.

This is the first singles competition of the year and for many it will be their first time using their new WHS handicap.

When marking a scorecard, players should put their Course Handicap on their Scorecard.

To get your Course Handicap, players can take their Handicap Index and cross check on the 18 Hole Courses Course Handicap chart.   This Chart is viewable here or on the Golf App.  Go to >> More.. -> Club Documents -> 18 Hole Courses Handicap Tables.(White Tees).

See attachment.

The Good News is that the Golf App should have it all worked out for you anyway!!

Thats the Good News, the Bad News is that when it comes to working out the places in a competition, players also get a Playing Handicap.  The Playing Handicap depends on what type of competition you are playing.  For Normal Strokeplay competitions your Playing Handicap is 95% of your exact Course Handicap, which is then rounded.

Take Player X as an example.....
Player X has a handicap index of 19.3
His Course Handicap is 21.0 (ie, 19.3 x 123/113)  (Where 123 is the Slope Index of the course you are playing-ie, Greenock White Tees)
His playing handicap is 21.0 x 95% = 19.95 (20) ie, Rounded to 20

From November 2020 all Scottish Golf Clubs moved onto a new handicap system WHS.

Each player will now have a Handicap Index.  This Index is based on a players’ best 8 scores from their last 20. (or less if players don’t have 20 scores recorded).   Players can view this on the Scottish Golf App or on the SG website (https://scottishgolf.org/members-area/).

Players will also have a Course Handicap; this is dependent on which course and set of Tees a player is using.

For example.  If a player with a 6.3 Index is playing White Tees @ Greenock Golf club.  The White Tees @ Greenock have a Slope Rating of 123.

To work out a players Course Handicap the formula is…
Course Handicap = Handicap Index x Slope Rating/113
CH = 6.3 x 123/113 = 6.8 (This is rounded to 7).

There are also Course Handicap Lookup tables available to allow members to see this without use of a calculator. These can be found here on the club website or on the golf app. A hardcopy will be posted in the Clubhouse. (When we get back in).

Note: For Matchplay competitions the Handicap Allowance is 100% of Course Handicap, ie, players use their Course Handicap as per the day of their match. 

For Stroke/Stableford competitions the Handicap Allowance is 95%.

Note: Scottish Golf recommend that players submit as many scores as they can as this should help ensure that your handicap reflects your current playing ability.  Scores can be returned at any time using the General Play Function in the Scottish Golf App as long as you pre-register your round and are playing with a valid Marker.

If anyone has any questions on the above, please email M&H.

Alex Roy
Greenock Golf Club
Match & Handicap



M&H News 21 March 2021

Results of Saturdays 4 Man Team competition are available on the website results page.

Congratulations to the winning team with a tremendous score of 121.
1= Adam Brown
1= James Glover
1= Brian Mclean
1= James Harkness


We have been lucky to be able to admit a number of New members to Greenock Golf Club over the last year.
Many of our New members are also fairly new to Golf and to a Golf Club, and for many, this means being able to get a handicap and take part in club competitions.  We have a number of New members ( and old members ) who don't have a regular golf partner which makes it difficult to be able to obtain a handicap and get into Team competitions.
What we would like to do is to have a forum set up where members can arrange games with others.  If you would like to be included in that forum, just drop an email to M&H on email below.


Greenock Golf Club
Match & Handicap


M&H News 15 March 2021

Results for Saturdays 4 man team competition are available on the website results section.

Outstanding scoring from the winners with 89 points, helped by a 2 @ 8th from Jeff Dechambeu-Mitchell ( I'm assuming he drove the Green :-) ).  2nd place was won with 86 points and there was a countback on 85 points to separate the other placings.

The course was in excellent condition considering the weather and it was great to see such a big field given all the rain we had.  The field seemed to move along well given that it was 4 balls, so let's keep this up, and remember, if you are not going to contribute to the scoring you can always pick your ball up, which will keep things moving faster.  

We had some problems with the VMS system crashing when trying to run the results ( Development are still looking at it ), hence the delay in getting the results out. Plus, there are a couple of teams scores missing from the end of the report, but I'll ask Scottish Golf to investigate and find out why.

The way the system handles 2's is that they are paid out to the person who actually got the 2.  So, I guess it depends on how generous the player is and whether he shares his winnings with his teammates. Or buys a round when the bar eventually opens !!

This Saturday's competition is a similar format except that it is best 2 Net Scores that are recorded instead of points.  I will post an example scorecard near the end of this week.

Please be aware that all CHALLENGE CUP entries must be in by 21st March.  No entries can be accepted after that date as the Draw will be made shortly after that date.

Please remember to top up your General Account via the app as this will ensure that your sweep money gets paid, if it isn't paid and you happen to have a winning score or a 2 then the system won't pay out.

Please remember to pick up your Loyalty card and your rake from the starter.  Hopefully everyone having their own rake will mean that we will all have good lies in the bunkers. 
TIP: A wee tip is to ensure you put your name on the rake so that if you leave it at a hole or it falls off your bag then it can be returned.

Any queries on any M&H matters please email as per below.

Alex Roy,
Greenock Golf Club
Match & Handicap