• Executive & Golf Committee 2021

Executive & Golf Committee Update 31 March 2021

First of all, we'd like to thank everyone who has been in touch over the last week with their feedback regarding the pace of play during Saturday's season opener, the March Medal.
We've listened to it all and want to try and introduce steps that will hopefully reduce the amount of time spent waiting around while out on the course.
Five and six hour rounds are just unacceptable, we know that. So please take some time to read through the following steps that will come into play as of this weekend.
Competitions extended to include Sunday

As a result of our growing membership and the pace of play issues experienced over the last few weeks, we will be trialing running competitions across both Saturday and Sunday (this will exclude 'major' competitions, such as the Championship).  We are also allowing those playing on Sundays to play as a 4 ball.  

The Crawford Bogey, which is scheduled to take place this weekend will be the first competition that will take place over both days. If you currently have a time for Saturday and would like to change to Sunday, or, if you don't have a time for Saturday but would like to play on Sunday, please email us at ggc.comms@outlook.com.

NOTE: Please Do Not cancel your Saturday time as you will still need to have a time on the Saturday draw sheet to be able to play in the competition. M&H will move your time to the end of the Saturday draw-sheet and reserve the slot exited.

If you are playing on Sunday you should book a time on the App using the Normal 'Book Now' facility which will allow you to book for up to 4 people.
Unfortunately as per Normal booking rules you will not be able to add your name to an existing game, however, if you have established that a game is playing in the competition and you wish to join them then the starter will be able to add you.

If you are playing on the Sunday you will not be able to input your scores on the App, so you will need to complete a normal scorecard and submit to the starters shop (if open) or email to M&H.

If this trial is successful we will adopt this going forward, albeit the mechanics may change as we have asked the VMS development team to see if they can make a change to their system to accommodate competitions over 2 days.
Monitoring of Start and Finish times
Finally, to help identify where the pace of play issues stem from, we'd like to start monitoring groups' start and finish time for medals. At the moment you or someone from your group should be checking in with Duncan or James before teeing off for your round, going forward we're now asking you to please let them know when you finish your round too. This will allow us to identify where exactly in the day the pace of play begins to slow down.
This is not us looking to pin the blame on particular individuals but to instead build intelligence on where exactly the problem lies and what we can do to improve it. So please, after your round this weekend, let Duncan or James know you're finished.
We appreciate this is a lengthy email but we really want to show that we value your feedback as a member and are working on how we can make things better for you and the rest of the club.

We will follow this email up later in the week with a 'Best practice / handy hints' overview of how to avoid slow play, as a general guide to all new and existing members.
If you have any questions or any thoughts please don't hesitate to contact us.
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