• Buggy Project 2020


15 Sept 20

Members are advised that due to safety issues being encountered with delivery of the second container today,we have not been able to effect the repositioning of the existing container.
As we advised previously, the existing container is deemed to be in an unsafe condition at this time.As a result it's unsafe to have staff taking buggies in and out of the container right now.
So it is with regret that we must inform members that buggies will not be available until further notice.
We are working with the container supplier to identify a safe solution to positioning the new container and of course,make the existing container safe by repositioning it once again.
We apologise to the members inconvenienced by these issues but can assure you every effort is being made to solve the issues and restore buggy facility at the earliest possible opportunity.

Executive Committee


8 Sept 20

Members are advised that the main car park will be closed from 8:00 am until 1:30pm on Tuesday 15th September. We would also ask that members avoid parking on Forsyth Street opposite the clubhouse and car park entrance during this same time.
This is to facilitate clear access for an articulated truck delivering a 40' container.
Members are also advised that due to some unforeseen issues associated with the current project work, buggies will not be available now until September 16th. This is regrettable,but necessary for Health & Safety reasons.
Should there be any change to these arrangements,we will of course notify members in as timely a fashion as possible.

Thank you for your continued patience and cooperation.

Executive Committee


5 Sept 20

Work was now been carried out as planned on Friday 4th September and members are to be thanked for their co-operation in keeping the main car park free whilst this work took place.
However, Members are now advised that due to a change in the work shedule, the main car park will now be open for norma use on Tuesday 8th March.
Any future car park closure dates will be advised in advance.

Executive Committee.

2 Sept 20

Members are advised that the Golf Club is about to commence work on two projects which have been designed to improve the overall club facilities and service experience for members going forward.

The Two projects that are underway are:-
1) Provide an increased number of electric Golf buggies from April 01,2021
2) Provide a new practice facility relocated adjacent to the electric buggy shed.
In order to carry out this work ,heavy equipment and articulated vehicles will require free access to the main car park. So in order to ensure health & safety for members and contractors, members are advised that the main car park will be closed to members on the following dates.
Members are asked to please observe these closure dates as any impact could result in delay and additional expense if contractor access is impeded on the stated dates.
FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 4TH, from 8:00 am.
TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 8TH, from 9:00 am.
We apologise for any inconvenience to members during this time, but hope you will understand that this work is being done to improve the facilities for members future benefit and enjoyment of the Golf Club.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.