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  • Update 26 June 2020


The results page shows results for sections 1,2,& 3 with an extract showing handicap adjustments. The results of the competition can also be viewed in the app.

As you know rakes are not allowed to be put out due to the current restrictions and Members are being asked to ensure they repair bunkers after they have been in them by using their feet and club.
Unfortunately many people are still not doing this and as a result the bunkers are being left unsuitable for those coming behind. Having played mid morning on Wednesday I noticed quite a few bunkers where there were issues and I imagine later in the day this would be multiplied.

Can I please re-iterate for players to ensure they smooth out any marks they leave in the bunker.
There are very useful personal rakes now available which fit over your wedge. It would be good if a number of people owned these.

An example is shown here or click on Read More Link...


Alex Roy M&H Convenor.


  • Update 25 June 2020

Earlier today Scottish Golf indicated that they had fixed the problem with the Crawford Bogey scoring/results resolution, so we published the results which some of you may have seen. However before we finalised the handicap adjustments I noticed a problem ( CSS was showing as 72 which meant half the field would have had their handicap cut ). Scottish Golf are back on the case trying to fix this CSS calculation, hopefully before tomorrows competition.

We finally have the results of our competition posted and the relevant handicap adjustments made.

Congratulations to Euan Knox who is our first Trophy Winner of the year and is now the proud recipient of the Crawford Bogey Trophy.

Thats the good news. The bad news is that the Crawford Bogey Trophy is the old painting that hangs on the stairway between the Secretary's Office and the downstairs hall.

Good Luck trying to find somewhere to hang that in the house Euan !!

The results of the competition are attached or can be viewed in the app.

Tomorrows competition is a straight forward handicap strokeplay so hopefully everything will run smoothly for that.

As you may know a couple of members have been kindly donating their time on a Tuesday and Friday to rake the bunkers in readiness for the competition, however, I am really disappointed that despite these efforts some members are not making any attempt to flatten out any footprints / divot marks when they are leaving the bunker which is impacting players coming up behind.
Can I please request anyone who goes in a bunker should try to leave the bunker in as pristine a condition as they can.

Can I also ask that members ensure their accounts are Topped up so they are able to enter the competitions. Please note, if anyone is in the competition and hasn't paid their sweep/2's money the system will not allocate any winnings if so placed.
If anyone is having any problems topping up their accounts please let me know and I will help to resolve.

GUIDELINES for MARKERS & NON COMPETITORS playing in competition.
Some folks have been asking how the new system should work if their playing partner isn't playing in the competition, for example, someone who is a valid member but for valid reason ( maybe coming back from injury etc..) doesn't wish to play in competition or someone who is playing for handicap.

The player should enter the competition but indicate to the starter or M&H that they do not wish to play in the competition prior to starting. M&H can refund any fees paid at that point.
This will allow the players to use the mobile scoring as normal, either by using Normal Scorecard or if this isn't available select 'Score for All Players'
At the end of the competition the M&H can remove the non-comp players score from the competition and use as a supplementary score for handicap if applicable.

Alex Roy M&H Convenor.

  • Update 23 June 2020

As indicated the 3rd slots for this Wednesdays and Saturdays competitions were opened @ 5PM.

A couple of people have reported that they took a 3rd slot and got an email confirmation however shortly after when they checked they were no longer on the draw. If you have taken a 3rd slot please check you still have it. If not, please go in via Comps and select your competition then re-select your tee time via the My Tee Time button.

If you are having a problem with this please let me know which time you are trying to join and if still free I will resolve.

You can contact me by replying to this mail.

Update on Crawford Bogey results - Scottish Golf are still looking at this.

Alex Roy M&H Convenor.

As mentioned on Saturday there was a problem with the scoring on the Crawford Bogey, however that has now been corrected and the scores now look correct.

You can check this in the competition.
Comps - Then Click on Past - Select Crawford Bogey - Scores - Scoreboard.

There is currently a bug in the system which isn't resolving the results correctly for a Bogey competition. Scottish Golf are looking into this and the results will be updated once this is fixed. ( I think we must be one of the few clubs in Scotland that still have a Bogey competition, which maybe is why SG haven't seen this issue before ! )

3rd Slots
The 3rd slots for this Wednesdays competition will be opened around 5PM today, and Saturdays competition will be available shortly after. This is a manual process hence why it won't be an exact time.

Going forward the 3rd slot will be available when the competition opens as this is the only way to ensure it is done at an exact time. This will be in place whilst CoVid restrictions are in place. However once restrictions are lifted this will be looked at by the committee as to whether we revert to our normal process of keeping the 3rd slot as only available on the day via the starter.


  • Update 21 June 2020

Phase 2 Update

Following the Scottish First Minister’s Covid 19 update today, it is now acceptable for Golf Clubs in Scotland to allow their members and visitors to move from 2 balls to 3 balls whilst maintaining all other Social Distancing Guidelines.

VMS will need to be set up to accommodate this change but as from Friday 19th June as long as a 2 ball is booked on the system, it will be possible for a 3rd name to be added when checking in with the starter for non competition rounds.

M&H are working hard to accommodate a move to 3 balls for Competition and an update on this will follow shortly .

Unfortunately, there has been no change on the regulations to allow us to open the Clubhouse or to sell drink outside but this will be reviewed in 2 weeks time and we are already taking steps to ensure we are ready to respond as soon as the regulations change.

Executive Committee.


  • Update 19 June 2020

As per previous email confirming 3 balls are acceptable, please note that the 3rd time on Saturdays competition (Crawford Bogey) will be made available on Friday 19th Jun @ 12:00 ( midday ).
As per CoVid guidelines everyone must have a pre-booked time, ie, no one can turn up on Saturday without a time.

To take the 3rd time please enter the competition as usual and when the Tee Time button appears you will be able to select any available times.

If you already have a time and are looking to move, then it is a similar process.
Click on - Comps - Select Crawford Bogey - Then press the Tee Time button - You will then have the option to move to any available slots.

Further details about the 3rd time for future competitions will be made available in the next few days.

Also attached are the results from yesterday's Wednesday Stableford. These can also be viewed on the App.

Please note that due to the way the new system is setup we will be reverting the 2's competition for the 1st division to normal setup. ie, any 2's will be paid out. So there will be no longer be a 2's section for Scr-5 and 6-10, instead it will be a Scr-10.

However, we will continue to look at this to see if there is an easier way to allocate the 2's winnings, and if so, we will try to revert to our usual format for 1st section at some point in the future.

Alex Roy M&H Convenor.

  • Update 16 June 2020

First VMS Competition Results
As I indicated in my last communication we were going to run the results phase of Fridays 9 Hole competition with Scottish Golf rep.

We went through this today and we have published the results and they are now available via the app and on the website to view and the winners should have had monies added to their Pro Shop accounts.

The members are able to view the scores on their phones by clicking on:

Comps - Club - Past - Welcome Back 9-hole - Result

Please see below a link to a youtube video put together by Gordon Crae from Gourock who is our Scottish Golf rep. This video shows how to see results.

Click on Link: https://youtu.be/usjfkMoqtRg

Lessons Learned from 1st Competition
As previously mentioned the competition went very well with only a few issues, however, one of the recommendations from Scottish Golf with reference to scoring is that members should select Normal Scorecard instead of Score for All Players.

Score For All Players should only be used when only one player has a phone.

Also as we are starting Qualifying competitions this weekend then we really need to implement the Normal Scorecard method as much as possible. This reduces the M&H workload as well as being more precise in terms of scoring, ie, there should be little or no errors because of the cross verification.

SG have also produced a tutorial for Scoring, please review this as it is very helpful..

Click on Link: https://youtu.be/lM7xi5lKy8w

If anyone is has any issues or questions please let me know via email ( either reply to this email or directly to ar028m8442@ntlworld.com )

Please note there are also a couple of other videos by SG on Topping up your account and Entering competitions, however as most of you have already Topped up your accounts and Entered a competition then you may already be familiar with this.

Topping up : https://youtu.be/Xr3skbnE4Ew

Entering: https://youtu.be/51RTxYwJI6Q

Alex Roy M&H Convenor.

  • Update 13 June 2020

First VMS Competition Held Successfully
We have now held our first competition using the new VMS system. The competition was very well supported with almost 100 entries. Everyone seemed comfortable with the system on their phones with only 1 entry out of 97 having to be manually input by M&H.

The members are able to view the scores on their phones by clicking on:

Comps - Club - Past - Welcome Back 9-hole - Scores - Scoreboard.

M&H will have a session with Scottish Golf on Monday to ensure that we are adopting the correct procedures when running the results and I expect to get the results out on Monday. Going forward the results should then be communicated in a much more timely period.

As I mentioned in a previous email you can now enter our Wednesday and Saturday competitions in the normal leadtime, ie, 8 days in advance @ 7PM. Please remember that if you want a time on a competition day you must first enter the competition then you will get a button to allow you to select a tee time on the competition draw sheet.

Challenge Cup / Challenge Quaich Entry
Just to let you know that M&H plan to run the Challenge Cup / Challenge Quaich this year albeit on a very much shortened timescale. Unfortunately due to Government restrictions of 2 households we cannot run the foursomes this year. Anyone knocked out in the Challenge Cup first round will go into a draw for the Challenge Quaich.

If you wish to enter the Challenge Cup please email me before Wednesday 17th June @ 8PM.

For those of you who have already entered on the drawsheet in the clubhouse before lockdown can you please re-iterate again your desire to play otherwise I will assume that you don't.

If you have paid your entry fee already please let me know this on your email.

If you have already paid and no longer wish to play please email me and confirm whether you wish us to add that money to your General account in VMS or if you want the money returned.

In order to complete the competitions in time we will be working to a very strict 2 week turnaround with NO extensions being granted. In order to do this we will need competitors to contact each other as soon as they know who their opponent is. ( note: There is a communications tool within the VMS system which could help on this, albeit I am not sure how effective it will be.
Click on GolfsApp on the bottom of your phone then select the person you want to message and type in your message similar to using the phone message system or whatsapp.

M&H will try to keep the draw information up to date on an almost daily basis probably via the clubs website, but as mentioned above this will be all about full co-operation of the members, and if for example people decide to go on holiday they may need to forfeit their tie, therefore anyone entering should be aware of this.

If anyone is having any issues with VMS or wants to enter Challenge cup please let me know via email ( either reply to this email or directly to ar028m8442@ntlworld.com )

Alex Roy M&H Convenor.

  • Update 9 June 2020

I have added a 15 minute video that shows how to enter and score using the app. This is an extract from the education session provided by Scottish Golf last month.

You can view the video on the link: https://youtu.be/TEaZZGoDVcw

The 1st competition is a 9 Hole Stableford competition over the Big course (Holes 1-8 & 14)
This will be held on Friday 12th June and entries will open on Tuesday 9th June ( Tomorrow ) @ 19:00.

The 2nd competition will be on Wed 17th and will be an 18 Hole Stableford - entry for this will open on Thu 11th June @ 19:00

The first two competitions will be non-qualifying. This is for several reasons,

1. Players readiness for competition, 2. Course readiness, and 3. System readiness, ie, we would like to use these first 2 competitions to help iron out any issues we encounter using the new VMS system.

The first qualifying competition will be Sat 20th - Crawford Bogey. This will open up for entry as per our normal leadtime, ie, it will open up the Friday before @ 19:00.

If anyone is having any issues please let me know via email ( either reply to this email or directly to ar028m8442@ntlworld.com )

Alex Roy M&H Convenor.

  • Update 9 June 2020

As you know we are now back playing golf again and all members are booking times via the Scottish Golf VMS app. The next stage in our deployment of this new system is to use the system for competitions.

The system will be used to:

1) Load money into your General Account.
( This will be used to pay entry fees (sweep & 2s) for competitions. Any winnings will then go into your Proshop account (as it always has)).
2) Enter competitions
3) Book a time in the competition
4) Check-In via the app
5) Use for electronic scorecards on the app.

In order to ease both the membership and the M & H into the use of the new system we will start with some smaller competitions and towards the end of the month get back into normal competition mode.

PLEASE NOTE : I will shortly send out further communications including some pdf files and videos (also make them accessible via the website) to show members how to enter competitions and use the scoring facility.

THE FIRST STEP for members is to load their General Account with funds for playing in the competitions. This can be done easily on the app or on the website.

a) Loading on the app: Log into the app and on the Top RH corner of your homepage click on the Top Up button. This will then ask you to select a pre-set amount ( minimum is £15 ). It will then ask you for your debit or credit card details as per any normal web transaction. Once you have completed this your credit amount will show on your home page.

b) Loading on the Web: Click on the Website: https://4102522000.scottish.golf/
Once on the Website Login (Red icon top RH corner ) using your email & your Scottish Golf password.
Click on the Settings Icon ( Red Gear icon on top RH side ), then select Top Up Balance and proceed as above.

This will then ask you to select a pre-set amount ( minimum is £15 ). It will then ask you for your debit or credit card details as per any normal web transaction. Once you have completed this your credit amount will show on your home page.

I plan to run a non qualifying 9 hole stableford competition on Friday in order to kick off our use of the system so it would be good if anyone who plans to play in this could load up their accounts ahead of this.
The competition will open for entries on Tuesday 9th June ( Tomorrow ) @ 19:00.

The planned fixture list for the rest of June is:
Sat 13th - Normal Play
Wed 17th - Stableford
Sat 20th - Crawford Bogey
Wed 24th - Willow Trophy
Sat 27th - Lawrie Trophy & Seniors Qualifying.

If anyone is having any issues with trying to load their account please let me know via email ( either reply to this email or directly to ar028m8442@ntlworld.com )


Update 8 June 2020

VMS Update May 2020

The Executive Committee have given M&H the authority to proceed with a new system for Booking times and running competitions ( Scottish Golf Venue Management System - VMS ).

When the government and SGU give the OK for golf to resume it is very likely that one of the guidelines will be that NO ONE will be allowed to play without booking a time. ie, Just turning up to play golf will not be allowed. Note: These rules will be in place for normal social golf as well as competition golf.

Therefore M&H will be looking to setup VMS to allow members to book daily slots and this will require members to use VMS to book a time, either through the Mobile APP or via the Website. In terms of impact to the members there should be little or no difference to what is currently used today ie,(BRS). Please note that this also applies to the Nine Hole Course ( Wee course ) and 9 hole members will also need to book a time.

In order to get everyone lined up for the new system the M&H will register each member with Scottish Golf. Each member who hasn't already registered should receive an email from Scottish golf and within the email it will contain a password for registering/logging onto VMS and a link to the APP. If you haven't received the email from Scottish Golf within the next few days please check your spam/junk mail.

We will also set people up as visible to other members so that you can be added to timesheets by another person. In line with Data protection (GDPR) rules, there is the option in the app for members to switch this off, however it does mean you will be invisible to other members.

In order to expedite this rollout we will initially use the VMS app for booking tee times and then when the time is right extend the use of the app for Entering and Scoring in competitions. When we do get the nod to resume golf we expect that initially we will be playing social golf and hopefully within a fairly short period we can restart competition play. This strategy we are adopting ie, initially using the app for bookings, will allow members to familiarise themselves with the app and we can then move forward by using it to run competitions.

Education sessions, videos and instructions docs will be made available. We already held one Zoom session last week with nearly 40 members attending and the feedback was very positive.

We will setup the VMS booking system so that members can book a tee time up to 7 days in advance.

NOTE: Even although we are not currently allowed to play golf we will set up VMS with daily timesheets to allow members to make tee bookings just to familiarise themselves with the app. Please feel free to do this.

To get you started attached is a pdf file with simple instructions on how to make a tee booking.

If you have any concerns or questions on this please contact M&H via email ( either reply to this email or directly to ar028m8442@ntlworld.com )

Alex Roy M&H Convenor.

Some useful links are provided below....

Link to mobile apps.
Android SG app

Apple SG app

Weblink is : https://4102522000.scottish.golf/