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The Executive Committee have given M&H the authority to proceed with a new system for Booking times and running competitions ( Scottish Golf Venue Management System - VMS ).

When the government and SGU give the OK for golf to resume it is very likely that one of the guidelines will be that NO ONE will be allowed to play without booking a time. ie, Just turning up to play golf will not be allowed. Note: These rules will be in place for normal social golf as well as competition golf.

Therefore M&H will be looking to setup VMS to allow members to book daily slots and this will require members to use VMS to book a time, either through the Mobile APP or via the Website. In terms of impact to the members there should be little or no difference to what is currently used today ie,(BRS). Please note that this also applies to the Nine Hole Course ( Wee course ) and 9 hole members will also need to book a time.

In order to get everyone lined up for the new system the M&H will register each member with Scottish Golf. Each member who hasn't already registered should receive an email from Scottish golf and within the email it will contain a password for registering/logging onto VMS and a link to the APP. If you haven't received the email from Scottish Golf within the next few days please check your spam/junk mail.

We will also set people up as visible to other members so that you can be added to timesheets by another person. In line with Data protection (GDPR) rules, there is the option in the app for members to switch this off, however it does mean you will be invisible to other members.

In order to expedite this rollout we will initially use the VMS app for booking tee times and then when the time is right extend the use of the app for Entering and Scoring in competitions. When we do get the nod to resume golf we expect that initially we will be playing social golf and hopefully within a fairly short period we can restart competition play. This strategy we are adopting ie, initially using the app for bookings, will allow members to familiarise themselves with the app and we can then move forward by using it to run competitions.

Education sessions, videos and instructions docs will be made available. We already held one Zoom session last week with nearly 40 members attending and the feedback was very positive.

We will setup the VMS booking system so that members can book a tee time up to 7 days in advance.

NOTE: Even although we are not currently allowed to play golf we will set up VMS with daily timesheets to allow members to make tee bookings just to familiarise themselves with the app. Please feel free to do this.

To get you started attached is a pdf file with simple instructions on how to make a tee booking.

If you have any concerns or questions on this please contact M&H via email ( either reply to this email or directly to ar028m8442@ntlworld.com )

Alex Roy M&H Convenor.

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Android SG app

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Weblink is : https://4102522000.scottish.golf/