• Greenock Golf Club - Results 2020

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Charity Salver & Reid Rose - Sat 4 July 2020
Medal - Wed 1 July 2020
Lawrie Trophy & Turner - Sat 27 June 2020
Willow Trophy - Wed 24 June 2020
Crawford Bogey - Sat 20 June 2020
Stableford - Wed 17 June 2020
Texas Scramble - Sat 14 March 2020



Bunker Rakes

Members are advised that from Wednesday 8th July, 2020, rakes will be available at the shop.
We would ask that each game takes one rake out with their game,not just on competition days,but on every round that they play.
As we are still under Covid restrictions we'd ask that each game nominates a player as "Mr Raker" to minimise the need for sanitizing/handling which can be dealt with upon completion of the round.

S Cameron and D Shields have been doing a sterling job in volunteering to rake the bunkers for us ,and their efforts are very much appreciated. But this new arrangement will allow us all the opportunity to help keep the bunkers in the best possible condition for those unfortunate enough to visit them during their round. "

Heather Sinclair
Secretary / Manager
Greenock Golf Club

  • Charity Salver & Reid Rose Bowl Qualifier

Another Weekend with some good scoring despite some heavy conditions.

The winner of the Charity Salver was Douglas Allan with a Net 62. Runner up was Stephen Connelly with a Net 63.

The Top 16 Net Qualifiers will go through to the Reid Rose Bowl Knockout.

1 62 Douglas Allan
2 63 Stephen Connelly
3 65 Patrick Cavanagh
4 65 Willie Kemp
5 65 Graham Knox
6 66 Stephen I Cameron
7 66 Kevin Murphy
8 66 Hugh Mcgarrigle
9 67 Paul Holleran
10 67 Craig Edward Scott
11 67 Frank Molloy
12 68 Sandy Maclean
13 68 Ian Mcdermid
14 68 Iain Smith
15 68 Paul Mcaulay
16 68 Steven Orr

The Qualifiers for the Matchplay competitions are shown above and the draw will go out to those folks shortly.

The CSS was 69 with 163 Entries. The Results are attached and can also be viewed in the app. There is also a handicap revision file provided.

Alex Roy M&H Convenor.

Charity Salver Entry
Tomorrow is the Charity Salver as well as the Reid Rose Bowl Qualifying ( Top 16 Net Scores ).

Normally we would request members to donate a £1 to Charity along with their entry fee. I have just set up the competition to take an additional £1 from entrants. However the system wasn't able to gather the extra £1 from those already entered and only recent entrants have been charged £4.

Therefore I will refund the £1 to the small number of folks who were charged £4. (You may see emails refunding you £4 and it will then take £3 for your entry ). I will set up a later competition to take the charity donation.

As many of you will be aware our Starter Duncan has been putting in a lot of hours in his shop to ensure we are all booked in the system to play golf and meeting our Scottish Golf/Govt Covid Guidelines. However, the current situation has also hit Duncan's ability to provide proper retail services and I'm sure you will all agree we need to provide Duncan with the appropriate support.

Normally Duncan would run a weekly Raffle but because very few people have been entering the shop then this hasn't been run. Therefore Duncan has requested that I set up the system to run the raffle inputs. I can set the system up to make the raffle input Mandatory or to make it optional. I'm initially going to set it to mandatory ie, the £1 raffle will be taken when you enter. We can see how this goes and if everyone is OK we will continue to run it that way going forward.
Please let me know if you don't wish to enter and we will refund you. If the number of people who don't wish to enter is significant and making refunds is driving a big workload then we will revert to it being optional. The Raffle will be run weekly as part of the Saturday competitions and the first Raffle will be on July 18th. There will be at least 3 prizes and depending on numbers may be extended.

I do hope the members will recognise Duncan's contribution and provide support.

Please note that as from 10th July Duncans Shop will be open for business and as with all Shops it will require a face covering to be worn when entering. Numbers will still be restricted to ensure social distancing. Duncan has also requested that we make members aware the he can currently provide goods on order so if you need anything let him know.

Alex Roy M&H Convenor.

  • Wednesday Medal 1 July 2020

Some remarkable scoring yesterday in the May Wed Medal, with the highlight being Chris Ahlfelds Net 60, which puts him as one of the favourites for the Bennett Cup( best 2 net scores in a Wed Medal ). There was also a Net 61 and a 62 !! and a Gross 68 from Riccardo Di Murro which included 3 twos.

CSS was 69 with 142 Entries. The Results are attached and can also be viewed in the app. There is also a handicap revision file provided.

Alex Roy M&H Convenor.

Lawrie Trophy & Turner Quaich - Sat 27 June 2020

An Interesting Weekend with some very heavy showers which I'm sure caused a few problems for some.

This weekend was aimed mainly at our Senior Community with both the Lawrie Trophy ( 55+ ) & Turner Quaich (65+ ) up for grabs. We also had our qualifying for the Seniors Championship ( 16 best Gross scores from ages 55+ ) and the Whinhill Trophy ( 16 best Net scores from ages 55+ ).

Congratulations go to Gordon McFarlane who had our first Hole in One of the Season @ 16th. Hopefully the usual companies that provide wee extras for a hole in one are still providing these in the current environment.

CSS was 69 with 147 Entries. The Results are attached and can also be viewed in the app. There is also a handicap revision file provided.

The winner of the Turner Quaich was Michael O'Neill with Net 70 and the Runner Up was Alan Moore with Net 71.

The winner of the Lawrie Trophy was Archie Essler with Net 68 and Runner Up was Michael Bonnar also with a Net 68 but lost out on countback.

The Qualifiers for the Matchplay competitions are shown below. Please note I took the ages of those eligible based on the DoB in the system, if anyone thinks there is anything wrong with age calculations please let me know ASAP and I will resolve.

The Draw for the matchplay will be issued in the next few days.

Qualifiers for the Whinhill Trophy Matchplay ( Handicap ) are:
Net Name
68 Archie Essler
68 Michael Bonnar
69 Paul Mcfarlane
69 Alex Roy
69 Neil Delussey
69 Mitchell Ogilby
70 Paolo Spella
70 Frank Molloy
70 Michael O'neill
70 Peter Gallagher
71 Alan Moore
72 Marco Imponenti
72 Douglas Allan
72 Michael O'brien
72 Cameron Mclellan
72 Edward Spence

Qualifiers for the Seniors Championship ( Gross )are:
Gross Name
74 Paul Mcfarlane
75 Alex Roy
76 Crawford Rae
77 Paolo Spella
77 David Macfarlane
77 Stuart Gallacher
77 Neil Delussey
78 Peter Gallagher
78 Cameron Mclellan
79 Frank Molloy
80 Gordon Cameron
80 Brian Fitzpatrick
81 Hugh Lyden
81 Marco Imponenti
82 Alan Moore
82 Mitchell Ogilby
83 Edward Spence
84 Owen Gallagher
84 Michael Bonnar

Attached is the Draw for the Matchplay for both competitions.

Seniors Championship

Whinhill Seniors Trophy

The rounds require to be completed by the dates below. Please note any extensions for these rounds will be only on an exceptional basis, so please arrange early.
Rd1 - 26th July
Rd2 - 16th Aug
Rd3 - 6th Sept
Rd4 - 27th Sept

In the current environment as we don't have access to the normal challenge book then the normal rules of engagement are different. Therefore, instead of it being the responsibility of the first name in the draw to make contact I am making it a joint responsibility and expecting both parties to be as flexible as they can be in arranging the ties.
There is a WhatsApp type tool within the Scottish Golf app ( GolfsApp), but please be aware that it doesn't always seem to alert people that they have a message so please be wary when using this, however, within that app when you click on someone's name it will also show you their email address and phone number ( top RH corner ). and I suggest a phone call between parties is probably best to allow details to be sorted quickly.

If there are any issues please email me right away and I will do my best to resolve.
Also, please email to let me know the result of the tie as soon as you have completed it.

Alex Roy M&H Convenor.