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16 Hole Score Card - To Be Used from Saturday 18 November 2017

Our winter league has been authorised to play a revised composite course for the rest of the winter golf season to try to alleviate the congestion we experienced, at the 5th on the 9 hole course, on Saturday 11 November.

We will now play a 16 hole course starting with the first 4 holes on the 9 hole course followed by 7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18 on the 18 hole course.

The stroke index for our revised composite course is shown on the card below. We will print off these cards for use by members of our league from Saturday 18 November 2017 onwards.

Due to the fact that we play only 16 holes, players will receive 8/9ths of their club handicap for the rest of the winter league season.

New playing handicaps with the 8/9th revision are shown on the leaderboard alongside players original handicap.

Winter League - 16 Hole Score Card
Date   Full
Hole Marker Gross Points Par Stroke
1     4 7    
2     4 9    
3     3 11    
4     4 1    
7     3 5    
8     4 13    
9     4 4    
10     3 15    
11     4 2    
12     4 8    
13     3 14    
14     4 12    
15     4 3    
16     3 16    
17     4 6    
18     4 10    
Total Points  
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Markers Signature:



RULES 2017/ 2018

The following 4 changes were agreed for the coming year 2017/2018:-

1. No gimme putts allowed.

2. No handicap adjustments, players play off their club handicap throughout the winter.

3. No 3/4 handicap reduction when winter greens in operation. Players play off full club handicap in all situations.

4. Weekly sweepstake will only be paid out if 6 or more players play. Winners must complete the full 18 holes.

Normal club winter rules apply and mats may be used if your ball lies on the fairway.

Please remember that if you choose to lift your ball and place it in the semi rough to play it, you must take it to the nearest side from where it lies.

Unless the course is closed, all submitted completed scores will count towards your total.

The cost to enter the league is £10 per head payable to Charlie Paul on or soon after the first days play which will provide around £320 to be used for a weekly prize fund which will pay out £5 for Best Stableford score, £3 second best stableford score, £2 for third best stableford score.

The remaining funds, up to around £150, will be used to buy 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th & 7th prizes for the players with the best aggregate of 6 scores over the winter.  In the event of a tie we will identify a winner from the best 7 scores & 8 scores etc. All prizes, including the weekly sweep winnings, will be paid out at a presentation lunch on the last day of the league.

On the first week, in addition to playing for your individual stableford score in your allotted time slot, we intend to play for the Alan Glancy Quaich which is a memorial trophy in memory of one of our winter league friends who passed away. Owen Gallagher will conduct a draw to make up pairs of players whose scores will be added together at the end of the day to identify the winners. You do not require to play with your partner in this quaich. Both scores will simply be added together.

We hope you enjoy the new winter league format and look forward to some great scores and a mild winter.

Charlie Paul

Week One - Saturday 4 November 2017

Alan Glancy Trophy

Winners with better back nine were Alan Wylie and Murdo Parker with 72 Points

(Doubles Partners selected by random draw of scorecards on 4 November)

Total Points Back 9 Points
Alan Wylie 38 Murdo Parker 34 72 37
Gerry Donnachie 37 Stevie Cameron 35 72 34
Drew Bryceland 35 David Anderson 36 71  
Gordon Parker 37 Peter O'Hare 31 68  
David Hutchison 32 Ronnie Parker 35 67  
Paddy Barr 34 Duncan Maitland 33 67  
Jim Duncan 37 Davie Carney 29 66  
Hugh Lyden 33 Kenny Fraser 32 65  
Mike McCartney 33 Owen Gallagher 32 65  
Stuart Gallacher 33 Alistair Livingstone 31 64  
Bob Hughes 30 Ian Whittaker 34 64  
Charlie Paul 30 Kenny Piper 29 59  
Gordy McFarlane 30 Jason Gillespie 24 54  
Nicol McCloy 30 Larry Taylor 23 53