Winter League Tee Off Times 2017/2018

Winter Leaguers,

This year’s winter league ends on Saturday 24 Feb 2018 and the weather forecast is reasonable, so we hope to get a  good turnout and some great scores.

Unfortunately for me I foolishly volunteered for a 3 hour long yoga workshop starting at 1pm and it coincides with the prize giving, so I can play early but can’t attend. Luckily for me Owen has kindly offered to take the job on again this year.

I opted to dispense with the lunch this year, and Instead, we will gather for a drink or coffee in the dining room after the golf on Saturday 24 Feb and I hope most of you can stay to get a group picture and pictures of the prizewinners for the website.

I’m hoping Bob Hossack will bring his camera.

All prizes this year will be vouchers to spend In  our friend Duncan’s golf shop.

There are £5 voucher prizes for the Alan Glancy Quaich winners Alan Wylie & Murdo Parker.

There are 7 voucher prizes for the top seven best 6 aggregate scores achieved this year - £50, £40, £30, £25, £20, £15, £10.

See you Saturday

Charlie Paul


24 February 2018
8:15 AM 8:22 AM 8:29 AM 8:36 AM 8:43 AM 8:50 AM 8:57 AM 9:04 AM 9:11 AM 9:18 AM 9:25 AM
E.Ayana D.Bryceland 9 Hole League 9 Hole League Spare Slot G.Donnachie J.Duncan J.Gillespie A.Livingstone L.Taylor B.Hossack
D.Anderson H.Lyden 9 Hole League 9 Hole League O.Gallagher S.Cameron K.Gilmour P.O'Hare Spare Slot D.Hutchison S.Orr
G.Parker C.Paul 9 Hole League 9 Hole League Spare Slot R.Parker Spare Slot I.Whittaker K.Fraser G.McFarlane D.Carney
S.Gallacher N.McCloy 9 Hole League 9 Hole League K.Piper B.Hughes A.Wylie M.Parker M.McCartney R.Murphy Spare Slot


(Subject to change daily. When players inform us that they can't play on a particular date a spare slot is created and published here. Other players in the draw can thereafter ask for the spare slot. It is helpful if we can all remember to tell Charlie when not playing to give others chance to plan ahead)